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Meandering Monday about Life Happening to Me

Here I am, struggling to get done with the last revision of Swordsmaster, and I keep trying to fall asleep. Is it just that I’m getting old?

I’ve always found revisions boring, and proof-reading (which is essentially what this revision is about) to be mind-numbing (fear is not the mind-killer – it’s proof-reading.)

Of course, it would help if I had a little more energy and a lot less stress. My significant one has been having a lot of health issues lately, and it’s hard, not knowing what to do to help her (and don’t tell me how much harder it is on her – I KNOW that – it’s a big part of why I’m stressed. It’s hard to watch someone you love go through something and be unable to make things better for them.)

Then there’s the repairs we’re putting the car in the body-shop for next week (the side of our car is dented and marked with yellow paint, as though it was assaulted by a minion.)

I finally put in a call to a roofing company to come out and estimate what it’s going to take to repair our wind and hail damage, plus repair the ceiling from our couple of leaks. We’ll probably have them fix a few other things around the house too – thirty-year-old Bill would have fixed things himself, but sixty-two-year-old Bill has a hard enough time getting the energy up to water the lawn (I’ve had to turn the sprinklers off because there’s a leak in one of the pipes AND one of the valves isn’t closing – something else I would have fixed myself not so long ago.

Speaking of leaks, we’ve been hearing hissing in the pipes at the back of the house – it looks like we have another pipe leaking under the slab (at least it’s not like the one that we had three years ago – that one came up in the middle of the house and we had to move out for four months while everything was being fixed. No damage so far, but the sound is getting louder – hopefully the water will stay in the ground until the plumber makes it out here.)

Sometimes, it feels like life is just designed to wear me out. Well, there’s nothing for it but to carry on (but don’t you dare tell me to keep calm – Just saying…)

How’s about you?



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