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Writing Wednesday: When LIFE Happens

Weekly Goals:

I made both three blog posts last week, but only one of my three comments on the blogs of others; our home was invaded by another slab leak, so the last few days, my activities have been… interrupted.

I wrapped up the FINAL Swordsmaster revisions in one day (it now has 100,347 words), only logging 357 words of fiction for the week – a very low total compared to my weekly Swordsmaster43,000-word goal, but I spent time instead formatting Swordsmaster’s manuscript to prepare for publication, and I also completed a cover that is at least serviceable so I’ll be ready to start the preorder campaign at the end of this month (here it is!)

I also have my blurb (actually, mostly excerpt) ready as well. I’m not finished formatting yet, and I still need to draw the map of Caladon that I’ll include in the book, but I’m a lot more confident that I’ll be ready on time than I was last week. Which is fortunate, because past experience tells me that our lives will be in upheaval for at least a couple of weeks with this latest slab leak.

My only remaining unpublished story (“Schizo the Magnificent”) is still out in the markets in search of a publisher. Now that Swordsmaster is mostly ready, I had hoped to start writing short-fiction, and had decided to start with a contest (they give you paragraphs one and twenty, and then I have to write the other forty-eight paragraphs), but with LIFE interrupting, no movement yet (in addition to the slab leak, we also have a separate insurance claim from weather damage, and then there’s the car repairs that we’re also dealing with. More importantly, there are also my significant one’s various health issues that we’re trying to get a handle on.)

LIFE is what happens when you’re making plans.

I have been pretty lucky throughout my life (my significant other says I am an eternal optimist), but lately it feels like LIFE (or someone/something bigger than ME) is messing with me to teach me a lesson. Or maybe it’s just my comeuppance for sixty-two years of relatively good fortune – the LUCK ACCOUNTANTS are knocking on my door.

“Excuse me, Mr. Mangieri, but our records indicate that, by this time in your life you should have had an additional fifteen servings of BAD LUCK, but somehow they were not delivered to you. Here they are!”

So – what do you do when LIFE throws itself in the way of your plans? We all have to make decisions on our priorities – LIFE is not the same for all of us. For me, it’s very hard to say “Nope! There’s too much going on for me to stick with my plans!” and just forget about them. It feels like a failure to change plans – even if I have no control of the circumstances.

At the same time – in the case of my writing – we’re talking about a creative release that I needed to help me manage stress. So you can see how hard it’s going to be for me to let plans slip on this. I need to stay on the WRIDING HORSE, because I think we all know how hard it is to get back up to speed when we fall off.

Fortunately, I think I’ve given myself enough time to make my plans for Swordsmaster, even under our current ordeals. I don’t know how I will cope if I find myself forced to delay on this – it is SWORDSMASTER, after all – A STORY FORTY YEARS IN THE MAKING!

Just saying…


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The collection includes the stories: “The Pipes”, “Good Luck!”, “Ultimate Awareness”, “Mating Rituals”, “Obsolete”, and “Endangered” (three of these stories are among my all-time favorites – pick it up and tell me which ones are yours.)

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