Meandering / Perception

Meandering Monday about What We Really Know

We do our best to understand the world around us.

Assuming our understanding is true, our thoughts are happening inside our skulls, pretty much isolated from everything else. We rely on information coming to us from outside… of whatever it is we think we are on the inside.

We have to trust that information, but how completely can we? We see evidence that those around us seem to be working off of a different set of stimuli – a different set of FACTS. How do we know that our FACTS are any more valid than theirs?

But aside from the obvious and easy to spot differences that our narratives place between our chosen realities, there are deeper questions. We try to make sense of what we think is really happening – what the world around us, the universe, or even the spackling on the wall in front of us really is. But the best we do is create analogies, that the brain works like a pachinko machine, or that everything is made of subatomic particles that act like THIS, until they act like THAT.

We see a color, but it’s not the same for each of us because it’s interpreted by those pesky brains of ours. It’s all interpretation of what we choose to believe is OUTSIDE stimuli.

And we can’t even be sure what we are using in the analogy is really the way we think it is – we probably developed our understanding of it through another analogy. All of these things created by impulses inside our grey matter – little lights trying to lead us out of the darkness so we can interact with others who may or not be there. How would we know that there’s really someone else there, and that it’s not just our imagination? Or maybe we created these ideas of other people inside ourselves to save us from feeling alone.

Perhaps you only exist in my mind. Or I might be your dream (or nightmare). Or maybe we’re all just that mote in GOD’s eye that diverts his attention for just a bit until He moves on to other things.

Just saying…


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