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Meandering Monday about Greener Grass

Jealousy and envy are human nature – it’s why the Bible has prohibitions against them (any religion worth its salt should be pushing its adherents to be better than the animals – to hold us to a higher standard – instead of patting us on the back and telling us we’re perfect.)

It isn’t amazing that so many people want to tear religion down. We live in a world now where people rail against being expected to adhere to any standards at all, and on being judged on their failures to do so. We would all rather think that we are perfect individuals rather than admit to our failings, wouldn’t we?

There’s no point in having religion at all if we are unable to take criticism from others, or to honestly examine ourselves.

Why are we here on this Earth? (aside from the laziness and lack of vision that stopped us from continuing down the path of manned space exploration after the Apollo missions) I continue to believe that we were all put here to learn – to become a better US. It’s difficult to become better if you already think you’re perfect – why change?

If you think you’re perfect, you also tend to look at others and judge them against yourself. Coveting comes in when you start wondering why THEY have things that you don’t, and begin to rail about how unfair life is.

How do YOU know whether life is fair or not? Where’s the rulebook?

I believe that life is fair – you just have to accept the cards your dealt and play your hand. That’s what LIFE is – us learning to deal with whatever comes our way.

Among the many things we need to learn is empathy (the lack of which causes more mass-killings than any “assault-style” weapon.) We have too many people thinking that they’re the only ones with problems, that life has been UNFAIR to them in some way, and if THEY can’t have everything they think they’re due, then NOBODY should.

THEY have set themselves up to judge others, while not wanting to be judged themselves.

We tend to see the grass is greener – that life is better – for other people. But we don’t truly know them. I believe that EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN TRIALS AND THEIR OWN DEMONS, and comparing our suffering to theirs is apples to anvils. Comparisons are pointless – we each have our own lives to deal with.

Be kind to everyone, even those who seem to be better off than you are. Be ready to extend sympathy. By using a prism of COMPASSION INSTEAD OF COMPARISON, maybe we’ll find that we are better people than we thought we could be.

Just saying…


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