Meandering Monday about Standards and Excessive Expletives

We just finished watching season three of Netflix’s Stranger Things. I really enjoy the show, especially because of the nostalgia of seeing/hearing the seventies (you see, I REMEMBER those times, and even though I didn’t experience EVERYTHING that they depict, most of it – the TV shows, the music, Dungeons & Dragons – are still very present in my mind.

One thing I’m having to overlook is the language (which at least FEELS like it’s getting worse each season.) I believe it’s possible to present a story realistically without having to include crudeness or vulgarity. It’s especially troublesome when the language is written for and coming out of the mouths of children.

I don’t have any illusions about children being angels, and I know that plenty of them curse even worse than the kids on Stranger Things. But we as a society have lost what used to be a common agreement on standards of decency. We allow all sorts of words and ideas into our entertainment now without any consideration of the impact this has on the development of our future adults.

Expletives should be reserved for when they are essential.

Often, it feels like what happened in stand-up comedy – where if you were going to make a career of it you had to curse, because everyone else is. Shows on non-broadcast networks (like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, etc.) seem to have a prerequisite that to be popular or successful, you have to push the limits of decency. We just started watching Amazon’s Carnival Row, a show with a great visual concept – sort of a Victorian / steampunk look with mythical creatures in society as oppressed races (I HOPE they can back away from the blatant preaching about racism and immigration before they drive me away; some shows die because they insist on crossing that line between telling a story and beating the audience to death with a moral.) But while I’m enjoying the show, they seem intent on asserting their non-broadcast bonafides by inserting unnecessary F-bombs and other crudities.

I believe there’s a time and a place for F-bombs and the like – it isn’t in every single show, and certainly not in every single conversation. All things in moderation – overuse of anything reduces its effectiveness. And it’s particularly worthless to include it in your work JUST BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT.

Like with cursing comedians, it’s a rather inartful and lazy way to try to get a reaction from your audience. Try to be more creative in your creativity.

Just saying…


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