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Meandering Monday about Home

Decades ago, when we had been in our first (and only) house for less than a year, we suffered a break-in. Someone decided that they wanted something we had, ad so they decided to break in and take it.

It’s terrible how many people out there think that they are entitled to something just because someone else has it. That’s called coveting, and, along with stealing, accounts for 30% of the Commandments. Folks, that’s an acknowledgement that private property is sanctioned by God, and taking it is condemned by GOD. Of course, this doesn’t matter to people who don’t believe in God; the GODLESS aren’t affected, any more than laws against stealing, killing, or guns have any impact on the LAWLESS.

It took them months. We saw (and heard) evidence that something was going on – the alarm going off on our garage a couple of times, strange sounds from the roof.

They eventually broke in through a skylight, and we haven’t felt secure since. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since that happened – once your boundaries have been violated, it never feels the same.

Home is where the heart is.

It’s where all your stuff is – the sanctuary where you get to shut out the rest of the world. It’s supposed to be the place where you get to decide WHO can be there. Vampires have better manners than most thieves – it’s why they have to have permission to cross the threshold.

It’s very hard when you lose control of your sanctuary. Burglars are the worst, but having to deal with movers or contractors is extremely stressful, too. Even though we agreed to let them, people we don’t really know are in our home, messing with our stuff, while we’re left in limbo, wondering when our lives will get back to normal.

It isn’t easy on the heart for the home to be in turmoil.

Just saying…


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