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Meandering Monday about Seeking Truth Instead of Accepting Things from Thugs

I’m a pretty level individual. That is different from balanced, as many people who know me will tell you. I don’t generally allow my emotions to run amok, although I will let my thoughts go on flights of fancy and sometimes lose track of reality. Like that time when I was heavily into Dungeons & Dragons and was faced with tight finances at the end of the month, and it took a while to figure out that the 500 gold pieces I had found in the dungeon was NOT going to help pay the rent. Or the countless conversations I’ve had in my head with people (real people and imagined ones) and then forgotten that I didn’t really have the conversation, and neither of us had said the things I remembered.

Sometimes, I have to work hard to keep a grip on REALITY.

Memories are funny that way. Studies show that when you read a story, the memory of what happened becomes enmeshed in your mind, almost as though you lived through it. With a story, though, you can think back to where the memory came from, and eventually track it back to that book you were reading. Conversations in your head are a little harder to debunk. Oh, the one you had with the dragon, or the gremlin, or Ripley you can probably reason away, but the ones you had with REAL people are a bit harder to figure, and can set you up for all sorts of misunderstandings with those involved, and when you swear you told them something (or that they said something) that didn’t happen – well, it won’t go well.

Reality can be a hard thing to get a hold of for some people.

I said that I’m pretty level – what I meant is that I don’t generally get overwrought – I prefer NOT to become emotional about most things, and manage to stay pretty rational. Although you may be aware that human beings (and sometimes I admit to being human) are NOT rational creatures – we are rationalIZING creatures – we tend to make decisions on how we FEEL, and then construct an argument for why we believe what we believe. From whence comes my expression:


Knowing that humans are this way, it is bad enough to mess with the facts people are fed about their world – that is lying, and most religions and societies have prohibitions about it. Going deeper to mess with their emotions is its own special brand of evil.

We have young people (I’m not sure where to draw the line – most people are younger than me, so there’s A WHOLE LOT OF THEM) who’ve been sold a bill of goods about the world we live in, and it’s been done partly with lies, but the lies are so obvious if rational discussion is allowed, that the confrontation has shifted from honest discussion to silencing the opposition. Which is why so many people think our planet is doomed.

Think about it: when is the last time you heard an honest discussion about climate change, with all the FACTS laid out on the table, and the two sides debating? Instead, “deniers” are shouted down or defunded, and we are told that the “science is settled” (when it is clearly not – there are too many scientists in disagreement with the climate alarmist DOGMA to believe that it’s settled. Then again, there’s this indoctrinated and angry sixteen-year-old Scandinavian girl who thinks otherwise, so what do I know?) (wasn’t the science about the Earth and the Sun “settled” before Galileo messed things up? Dogma is a simultaneously powerful and fragile thing.)

We have free speech – one of our many God-given rights that happen to be enshrined in our Constitution. Nowhere does it say you have a right to not be offended, and yet now, being TRIGGERED has become an excuse for anything from officially denying the right to speak, to shouting down opposing view-points, to the all-out Fascist assault force that is ANTIFA (clever, and typically dishonest for fascists to attempt to conceal their true nature by claiming to be ANTIFAscist.)

I spent eight years watching the previous administration blatantly violate the constitution (DACA), law (Fast and Furious, IRS targeting of conservatives), and human decency (Benghazi lies, BLM, etc.), and never felt inclined to scream at – let alone beat up – people who disagreed with me.

It’s a shame that the other side doesn’t have the same respect for our right to think differently. I wonder how many of the people rioting in the streets, or gluing themselves to pavement, or climbing on top of jets have anything driving them other than being emotionally manipulated and intimidated by others? What percentage of them sincerely believe in their cause because they’ve thought it out, rather than accepting what they’ve been told (by a biased, omnipresent media, and people who will unfriend them, get them fired, yell at, or even physically assault them if they disagree)?

I remember a boy who was being bullied in school. He thought one of the kids bullying him was his friend, and so when he got the kid alone he asked him why he was participating in the bullying, and the reply was: “Because if I pick on you with them, then they’ll leave me alone.”

There are many sayings that apply here (paraphrasing, but I’m too lazy today to look up exact quotes) – “All it takes for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing” and “An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping to be eaten last.”

Don’t be an unthinking appeaser – that is allowing yourself to be ruled by FEAR, and that crocodile will not return your loyalty for long.

Do what you can to reason things out for yourself, and once you’ve looked at all the FACTS and figured out REALITY, THEN decide how you feel about it. And don’t let the bullies force you into anything. Just like in Inherit the Wind, demand the right of a sponge to think.

Just saying…


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