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Meandering Monday about Wanting to be Famous

The day I decided to write this post, Felicity Huffman was all over the news. She’s in prison for cheating to get her child into a university. Lots of pictures of her in prison. News that her husband got to visit her. News about another person/ other people fighting the same charges. You notice I don’t have a lot of detail about exactly what she did? It’s because I don’t care. In the scheme of things, this is a story about someone in the public eye (but not working for the public, which is a different thing entirely) – someone who is in the news BECAUSE they are famous.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a publicist working to make sure they keep showing up on the news, to either preserve or enhance their FAME.

Harry and Meghan aren’t happy. Miley pays a controversial compliment to boyfriend. Why should I care, even if Robin Leach (or whoever has inherited the FAME CURATION mantle) gives them his imprimatur?

So many people are obsessed with that. Times have changed, and durations, too (I don’t think Warhol’s fifteen minutes is relevant anymore), but FAME seems to be the objective. Is it really the best thing to measure your self-worth by how long you went viral? Think about the word choice, there. We don’t normally consider viruses a good thing, and much of our MEANINGFUL activities are involved in eradicating them. Hard to imagine Martha saying “Viral. It’s a good thing.”

I’m not immune to it. I watch the places where I post (twitter /Facebook /WordPress) hoping to see massive reactions (comments /likes /reads.) Same with my books – reviews are precious, but even a single sale gets me pumped up. But I understand that those things are results of what I do having some value – people liking my books or blog posts, or thinking I made an interesting point about something – but the BEING NOTICED is a side-effect, NOT the objective.

I picture all these famous people looking at the news every day to make sure they’re in it, and scheming to figure out how to reinsert themselves when their FAME begins to fade. Maybe it’s time to have your agent call up Ellen for an appearance. Or Jimmy Fallon (if you’re good at crazy games and singing.) And if you can’t get an invite to someone’s show, or a 60-Minutes interview, maybe you should go protest on the steps of the Capitol and demand to be arrested so you can make it onto the news.

Some people will do anything to be noticed. Don’t be that way. Do your thing – if fame comes, it comes, but don’t let it be the purpose of your life.

Just saying…


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