Meandering Monday about Giving Thanks Over Upcoming Holidays

There are three holidays that we’re pretty high on, and they all fall in the final quarter of the year.

Halloween we usually decorate the house with lots of lights, banners, ghosts, spiders, scarecrows and what have we. The house repairs pretty much kept that from happening this year.

We do up the house big for Christmas, too – lights all over, some carousel horses, wreaths on the outside, and lots of decorations inside the house, especially the tree, and ornaments, most of which came into our possession after my significant one agreed to put up with me and we married. We’ve been married over thirty-seven years ago, but she said yes at 2:30am Christmas morning (after about a half-hour of speechlessness) thirty-eight years ago this Christmas.

If I go to schedule, I’ll put up most of our Christmas decorations on the three-day-weekend that follows Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving gets short shrift (even from us, really – we don’t decorate with a Thanksgiving theme.) Many decorations are really just for AUTUMN (so they can do dual duty for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.) There are many people who only see Thanksgiving as a calendar reminder that means it’s time to run out to the stores and take advantage of the (dubious) Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales (I remember being ushered out of a Thanksgiving dinner once  because we were delaying the host’s shopping expedition.)

I confess – as much as I like to save money, I am more interested in saving my sanity (what semblance I have left, at any rate.) I have no interest in dealing with the craziness at the stores, and I have better things to do with my time than hunting for bargains on the WWW.

But there’s more to it than just avoiding the crush. Poor Thanksgiving! Aside from jack-o-lanterns with their faces wiped off, turkeys, and a cornucopia or two, Thanksgiving gets squeezed out of notice between Halloween and Christmas. And like many of our other holidays, people forget the WHY of it. To give THANKS to God (or just your own dumb luck – whatever it is that you think helped you have what you have to be thankful for.) For friends, family, health, wealth, whatever it is. Especially in this country, most of us have it better than people unfortunate enough to not be born here.

So, before you rush out to compete for those once-in-a-lifetime-savings (yeah, right), take some time to think about what you have to be thankful for. And then give some thanks where and to whom you think it appropriate.

Just saying…


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