Meandering Monday about Litigating in the Age of Smart Things

At my day job, they have us taking a course called Digital fitness – to bring us up to speed on the coming technology, and hoping we’ll think of ways to use it. The article I just read mentioned a sofa that gathers data about people sitting on it. You visit someone’s house, and you have to sign documents about how the smart items can interact with you. The smart rug paying attention to where your smart shoes are heading. The refrigerator remembering what beverage you like to drink. The smart sofa paying saving your preferred conversation topics for the next party.

I remember a movie where people had to have lawyers to start & end relationships – I don’t remember what movie it was. I thought that concept was bad enough, but not that likely (except I think it may already be here); the notion that we would have to enter into contractual agreements with our (or our friend’s) home furnishings never would have occurred to me.

Of course, we’ve been prepped to be taken advantage of for decades now. Who really reads those terms of use before they signoff so they can start using that software, or hardware, or to view that website? We’ve been conditioned to just click as fast as we can, because technology is supposed to save us time, right? And if we spent all that time READING the contract, well…

If you ask Siri, or Alexa, or whatever digital assistant you have a relationship with, she’d probably tell you it’s okay. But do you remember what you agreed to in your contract with her? And exactly what did SHE commit to when you signed?

Who will you trust? Just saying…


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