Meandering Monday about Retirement

(No – I’m still working my day job – just in that age bracket where it could happen to me and no one would think it odd.) (And no, this isn’t about my writing, although with as I’ve been getting written this last few months, I’m starting to wonder if maybe I’ve already retired from it. That would be sad – I had thought that – when I RETIRED, writing would be what I retired INTO, not OUT OF.)

I’ve been on my day job for over nineteen years, and lately there have been several people I know retiring from the company – most all of them younger than me (it doesn’t take much to be younger than me, you know.) I don’t feel financially secure enough to do it myself (actually, I don’t think I’ve EVER felt financially secure about anything. Hopefully, when it comes, it will be like many other things in life – put off because we’re not ready for it, then when it finally happens (against our will) we discover that we were ready after all (some people would say that God doesn’t throw anything at you that you can’t handle. But then, the glass-half-empty crowd would tell you that’s crazy talk…)

I haven’t done much thinking about retirement, other than that I would leave the day job and have more time with my significant one, maybe do some vacationing (in the U.S. – I don’t think I have the energy or finances to manage international travel, although I see a lot of people who claim near-poverty somehow manage to travel in and out of the country (legally, even), so maybe I could if I wanted to. So many things we think we know until we find out we don’t. The undiscovered country…

Most of us have a misconception about retirement – that we retire OUT of something, and that’s it – there is nothing on the other side of that door. But it isn’t – or shouldn’t – be that way. Retirement should be the REAL midlife crisis (or as I prefer to call it, MIDLIFE RENAISSANCE™, where you look around and say “why have I spent so much of my life doing these things – I should do those other things I’ve always wanted to do, now.”)

Perhaps the thought of retirement would be less threatening if we thought of it as retiring INTO the next chapter of our lives (or maybe that’s just more of those euphemisms that have always bothered me as dodging the truth – like when PROBLEMS become OPPORTUNITIES, or LAYOFFS turn into PRODUCTIVITY INITIATIVES.) But sometimes we need euphemisms to help point us to where we need to go.

Just saying…


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Fate is neither something to run away from, nor something to run towards.

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