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Meandering Monday about Embarrassing Appearances

More tales about Bill “in his yute…” (well, more yute than I have now, at least)

It helps to have someone there when you aren’t feeling well and have to go to the doctor or to the hospital – to act as an advocate and also help you organize your thoughts. Throughout our married life (coming up on thirty-eight years, would you believe?), my Significant One has liked for me to attend her doctors’ visits with her. This set up some perceptual problems – consider the profile of a married couple where it seems like the husband won’t let the wife be alone with the doctors or the nursing staff.

This caused discomfort on enough occasions (many doctors resented my presence at my wife’s appointment – maybe they thought my Significant One and I were going to gang up on them – who knows? There was this one particular time when I had to take my Significant One to the emergency room because I sat on her head.

I didn’t REALLY sit on her head – she was picking me up from work, and she leaned over to get something off the passenger seat at the same time I was swinging my posterior into said seat, and two objects really can’t occupy the same space, and her neck was injured.

So – I take her to the ER, they get her into an examination room, and her husband won’t leave her side. They finally found some excuse to get me out of the room (I think they might have sent me to the front desk to fill out some paperwork), and they asked my Significant One:

“What REALLY happened?”

“Is there something you want to tell us?”

It took her a while to convince them that there really wasn’t a domestic issue going on.

There have been other times where I felt like I would rather just stay in the waiting room, but we do these things for those we love, don’t we? Even if it means that – wherever they keep my permanent record – there’s a list of all these times that she’s been injured and the staff has wondered why I kept hanging around, but they never got the chance to ask her.

At least those well-meaning folks never alerted anyone of the need to come knock on our door and ask those embarrassing questions.

Just saying…


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