Meandering Monday about Remakes & Sequels

We’re watching Netflix’s remake of Lost in Space. We watched season one when it originally aired; season two just came out, and it’s been so long since we saw season one we’re re-watching those ten episodes to refresh our memories before we get lost in the new season. I have fond memories of the original series, but that was a different time, in the early stages of our space program when you wouldn’t just send up “normal” people – they’d be military hero-types, with the “right stuff”, not the kind of colonists we will eventually end up with (although in the original series the only reason I can think that Penny was there was so you wouldn’t break up the family. I like what they’ve done with the characters and the story – it’s different, and yet familiar.

Yeah, I know, there are purists who don’t like what they’ve done with the robot, or that Dr. Smith is a woman now, or that Don is not as pure as the driven snow. But what is the point in remaking a classic if you change nothing? There are plenty of stories out there and all sorts of different ways to tell them – why repeat (especially poorly) what’s already been done?

We also watched Die Hard (hey, it’s Christmas) which is always watchable no matter how many years ago it was made. We watched Die Hard 2 (well, I did – my Significant One fell asleep two-thirds of the way through), but it was not only inferior to the original, but also seems horribly dated. I believe there are a total of five movies in that series, but none of the sequels hold up like the original. But I guess the studio couldn’t find something totally original, and so decided to leverage what had already been a big winner.

I write (after all this time, PLEASE don’t be surprised), and it’s hard to take something I’ve already done and continue it forward. I do have two series of short stories (Herc Tom, Champion of the Empire and Detective Jimmy Delaney) that I continue because I like the characters and the setting I created, and it feels like they should keep moving forward, but it can be a beating to have to maintain continuity and keep it fresh at the same time. It’s easier and more enjoyable to start with a clean slate – especially when you’re a stream of consciousness (or is it Unconsciousness?) writer.

Another remake that works for me is the new Star Trek movies (with Chris Pine as Kirk) – the divergent timeline excuse for why things are different works well, and they’ve managed to maintain and yet update the feel of the original.

What remakes or sequels do you like or have a beef with? Feel free to post in the comments (in this veiled attempt to figure out HOW to get people to comment on my blogs) (and if this doesn’t appeal to you, please comment why) (Hint, hint…)

Just saying…


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