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Meandering Monday about Mind Over…Mind

In my bio (the one I include on my various writing pages, and also include in all my cover letters (it may be overkill for a cover letter from what I’ve read recently, but I always thought part of what you put in the cover letter is a little bit of blurb about yourself so WHEN they buy my story they’ll have something to print in the ABOUT THE AUTHOR section)), it says that I’m a KARAOKE JUNKIE. Even though my karaoke machine hasn’t been set up in the house since the flood of ’16, and I haven’t done any FORMAL karaoke in that time, I still know the addiction label is true. I still sing OUT LOUD at inappropriate times on, such as during my day job (it’s really hell on the poor people since our employer foolishly bought into the silly idea that people would be more productive if you shortened the walls of their cubes and made them work in an open floor plan; now there is no escape for them), or while grocery shopping, car rides, showers, mowing the lawn, and – well, where CAN’T I sing?

I’m a decent singer (I know what I mean by that – you can choose whatever meaning you prefer) when I’m just singing, generally in the baritone range, but my method for KARAOKE is to mimic the original singer. There are songs more suited to the voice of say, a Steve Perry, or Roy Orbison (the first song I ever did Karaoke on was “Crying”), and if I tried to sing those songs AS MYSELF, I would be unable to hit the high notes. Strangely, when I’m doing a karaoke cover, imitating how the original was sung seems to increase my range to suit the song.

Why is that? Is it the way I’m holding my mouth? Or how I tilt my head when I’m imitating the sound I remember from the original performer? Or is it something else?

Sure, there are physical limitations to anything we try to do. Just because steve Perry or Roy Orbison, or Luciano Pavarotti can hit a certain note doesn’t mean my attempts to imitate will succeed. But sometimes it does – mor often than you would think.

Thinking – maybe that’s the problem. I believe a lot of the limitations we have were put there by our own minds. Sure, other people may have said something to us about our shortcomings, but ultimately, the roadblocks we have to deal with are the ones that OUR OWN MIND has agreed to.

If you want to succeed, stop looking at others – you might just need to CHANGE YOUR MIND. Just saying…


Swordsmaster – my first novel – is ready for reading.Swordsmaster4

Fate is neither something to run away from, nor something to run towards.

The first bright-eye to be seen on the mountain in living memory, Sandrik didn’t want anyone to think of him as they did the ominous Aurae of legend, so he had worked hard to keep his special abilities hidden. But there was more to Sandrik than even he knew. Now that it was time for him to enter the ancient ruins of Taernfeld and be declared a man, what other changes might he be forced into?

Swordsmaster is available at several online retailers, including, but not limited to:



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