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Meandering Monday about Each of Us Getting Our Own House In Order

Georgia reopened last week, to much wailing and gnashing of teeth by those who think they know better how it should be handled in other states (Picture people crowded on NY subway cars telling people to stay off those dangerous Georgia beaches. Insisting that relatively healthy people across the entire country not be allowed to work because they won’t be socially distant enough, while NY (and others) send Covid-19 patients into Nursing Homes, dangerously close to the most vulnerable.) People who live in glass houses…

Those who insist on waiting much longer (by moving goalposts to WHEN ALL 350 MILLION OF US ARE TESTED, or UNTIL THERE ARE NO NEW CASES IN THE COUNTRY, or UNTIL WE HAVE A VACCINE (18+ months away?)) have spent the last week attacking the governor for his actions. What is he doing? He isn’t FORCING anyone to open. He isn’t FORCING anyone to go into those businesses. He has merely stopped FORCING people and businesses to stay closed and quarantined.

This country is built on INDIVIDUAL rights and freedoms. Because each individual knows what’s best for them. No EXPERT can know each person’s circumstances, they can only offer general guidance in a narrow area, but the INDIVIDUAL owns the final decision – not Mrs. Kravitz, or the “Karens”, or whatever the stereotype there is for people who have an urge to tell others what they can and can’t do.

If someone told you to stop breathing, would you? I mean, it would probably keep you from catching the virus, and you definitely wouldn’t pass it on. What if they told you it would reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere? (it would), would you stop breathing to save the planet?

There are limits to what it makes sense to do. The cure can’t be allowed to be worse than the disease.

Covid-19 IS killing people (so far, it’s still in line with an influenza season), but  shutting everything down is killing people, too. I wonder if we’ll ever fully appreciate how many people will have died because they were afraid to leave their house (or couldn’t find somewhere to be treated because they didn’t have Covid symptoms), and let their condition go from troublesome to fatal? How many worsened their health with drugs or alcohol? How many have developed depression? And what other long-term effects will we see from people losing jobs and insurance without a nest-egg to fall back on.

It’s time to open America back up. Use common sense – be considerate of others and don’t needlessly endanger the most susceptible, but let’s all get back to being responsible for ourselves. Get your own house in order. Just saying…


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