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Meandering Monday about Dreaming of Greener Grass


I wonder how many writers nowadays find their stories set in prison, or during some great cataclysm that makes people hole up in their basements? Do you?

(If you’re just consuming content instead, try to stay away from networks that have decided now is the time to show plague marathons, or shows like A Quiet Place.) (Do the monsters in that movie remind you of the current “Karens”?)

There’s probably people writing the opposite because they need some relief from the oppressive feeling of being trapped in their homes – they try to create an escape into a world that seems VERY UNREAL compared to their current circumstances, maybe even something in a massively crowded disco, or in a sold-out stadium to watch a championship game, shoulder to shoulder with total strangers, and not recoiling in fear when someone coughs. Gatherings we would have called NORMAL a couple of months ago.

I remember a Twilight Zone episode where a family is gathered together in a city apartment during a deadly heat wave – fanning themselves and sweating while wishing for cooler days. If I remember it right, it turns out that the earth is actually going into a deep freeze, and the heat wave was the delusion of one of the sick family members as their freezing to death.

There was another show called The Lathe of Heaven (I think it was a Ursula Le Guin story) where a psychiatrist is treating a patient who claims he has “effective dreams” – whatever he dreams is the new reality when he wakes. The psychiatrist tries to disprove his delusion, but (SPOILER) discovers that the patient is right, and then he tries to force the patient’s dreams in the “right” direction to cure the world’s ills – overpopulation, for example, is “cured” by a massive plague. (FURTHER SPOILER: the psychiatrist eventually realizes that the world was destroyed, and we are all just living in his patient’s dream. He doesn’t cope well with this.)

Reality can be a hard thing for some people to accept – and some realities are harder than others, but dreaming that things are different does not make them so.

No matter how our lives are going, we always dream of the better – the grass is ALWAYS greener, isn’t it? At least that’s the way it is for the glass-half-empty folks. The glass-half-full ones are finding ways to enjoy the situation they’re in – taking advantage of their “confinement” to learn new things, or do home repairs, or draw closer to family.

Eventually, the world will change again. It’s started already, but no matter where it ends up, we’ll have people unhappy with the result. Make the best of it that you can; we should all pray for the “serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Just saying…


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