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Meandering Monday about Trying To Get a Read on THE END OF THE WORLD

I’ve now been without a day-job for two whole weeks. The last time this happened was in 2000, after my customers decided they didn’t need my programming services any longer, once I’d made the world (or at least my clients) safe from the software perils of Y2K. You might remember this if you’re forty or … Continue reading

Fractured Fragment Friday: “Cannabis Alienus ‘alien dope’” (and a coupon!)

Fractured Fragment Friday: “Cannabis Alienus ‘alien dope’” (and a coupon!)

“Cannabis alienus ‘alien dope’” originated from something that really happened to me (no, not the alien slug.) My family moved out of state before my junior year of high school, and two years later (after graduation) I made a trip back to what used to be home to try reconnecting with people I knew. Aside … Continue reading