Meandering Monday about What Day It Is…

Today is the …10th day since I officially lost my day-job. For most of my adult life, the existence of external employment, with its accompanying schedule, has helped to keep me anchored to a weekly calendar all these years.

Now I am unmoored. Days run together, bearing no particular name to reference. Time is suspended.

I’m sure all the actions around Covid-19 (the lock-downs, the layoffs, etc.) have affected others the same way. Many of you also relied on your work schedules to know or care what day it is (what does TGIF mean, if there is no job to NOT go to on the weekend?), even if you had no other routines that helped you keep track. But not all lives were that unscheduled. Many of you had church, or classes, scheduled days at the gym, softball games, or club meetings – any number of weekly rituals that helped cement your life in time’s regular currents.

Now we float in a stagnant sea, with no wind to push us along to our eventual destination, caught in a calm with not even the promise of a relieving storm.

In the OLD DAYS, you could rely on weekly television schedules to know what day it was – your favorite and not so favorite shows would always be on particular days, so that would help you keep track. But now, with DVRs and streaming, we watch what we want when we want, which means no awareness of a particular time or day is needed. And we’re also in the summer, which means even the ancient, over-the-air networks have abandoned their normal schedules until the fall season (and most stopped spring early for Covid.)

I am new to this. I do have my blog schedule to help – Meandering Mondays, Writing Wednesdays and Fractured Fragment Fridays do help to keep me in the flow a little, but I need more. The only thing I know to do is establish my own rituals – some sort of weekly schedule. Grocery shopping on Thursdays. Mow the lawn on Saturday.

Or is it really necessary? Is it silly of me to think that I should mark the days, instead of just allowing myself to stay adrift? For me at least, I need those reminders that time is indeed moving forward; otherwise, it may run off around the bend and over the horizon before I realize it, and I certainly don’t want to be left behind. Just saying…

How are the rest of you coping with your relationship to time?


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