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Meandering Monday about Trying To Get a Read on THE END OF THE WORLD

I’ve now been without a day-job for two whole weeks. The last time this happened was in 2000, after my customers decided they didn’t need my programming services any longer, once I’d made the world (or at least my clients) safe from the software perils of Y2K.

You might remember this if you’re forty or so, but 2020 isn’t the first time we’ve been told it’s the end of the world. Back then, our economies were supposed to collapse because the computer systems we had become reliant on wouldn’t properly handle the date rollover from 1999 to 2000. Somehow we survived that (although the disaster may have been delayed. I remember offering Mike – one of my customers – two options to fix their Y2K issues. Option A would fix it permanently, while option B would cost half as much, but only fix it until 2080. Mike opted for option B, saying “Bill, no one will notice. Even if the software is still in use when 2080 rolls around, you’ll be dead, and I’ll be relaxing on a beach in the Carribean…”)

We’re being pounded right now by nationwide rioting. I will not succumb to the template that says I’m supposed to call it protesting. We live in a country where our right to protest is sacrosanct, but when you cross the line into illegal activity, then you are no longer protected (and it takes a lot to make something illegal if it’s really Constitutionally protected.) Burning, looting, defacing or destroying property that isn’t specifically yours, assaulting, and killing all fit easily into the definition of illegal, and also happen to violate the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of others. Almost makes ANTIFA’s, BLM’s, and the progressives’ assault on FREE SPEECH seem like a nothing-burger – except I think the real objective here is to intimidate people so they won’t oppose the mobs. Wrong-thinking will be punished…

All this and Corona, too.

It’s really hard, sitting here in my box, to try to figure out what’s really happening. After taking a month off for wall-to-wall coverage of “peaceful protestors” carrying televisions through burning cities, many not wearing masks (despite their usefulness in both virus and identification prevention), the MEDIA has decided that Covid-19 is now serious enough to kill us all again. But information keeps shifting. They tried to cause a panic about people gathering outside on beaches before the riots, then went silent about the virus when mobs failed to maintain social distance while roaming the streets.

Now they claim that the protests didn’t cause a spike in cases because they were outside (I could have sworn that was what they said wouldn’t save those beach-goers.) I don’t know how they can claim that the riots had no impact while they are using their megaphone to insist we’re in a surge right now (a reasonable amount of time for incubation after the riots started.) How can you judge, anyway? I read that in profiling Covid contaminees, medical personnel aren’t allowed to ask if they were at the “protests,” and you can’t judge by just looking at Covid spread in the riot-sites, since a large percentage of the rioters were imported, and then of course traveled to other locations afterwards.

We’re alternately told masks work and tehn they don’t, but then we’re forced to wear them.

Asymptomatic people can infect us, and then they can’t.

We’re treated to daily – heck, hourly – headlines about how this or that location has just recorded a RECORD NUMBER of new cases, that the median age of infection (NOT DEATH) has dropped to 37 (but most of those people are asymptomatic – why would we know anyone who’s asymptomatic has Covid? Because we’re testing like crazy and boosting the numbers.)

What we’re not being told (as loudly) is that the number of daily deaths is dropping nationally – I think I heard recently that the fatalities were the lowest they’s been since the beginning of March.

Hard to know what to believe when EVERYTHING IN THE NEWS CYCLE SEEMS TO BE AGENDA-DRIVEN, isn’t it?

Chicken Little, Foxy Loxy and the Karens are having a field day out there…

So, I continue to exercise REASONABLE CAUTION, because even though I believe we’re over the worst, it is still possible to catch Covid on my rare excursions (I still haven’t seen my shadow), and I certainly don’t want to bring it home to my Significant One.

Live your life in ways that work for you while not harming others, and maybe we can stave off the END OF THE WORLD a little longer.

Just saying…


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