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Meandering Monday about Aliens R Us (and still giving FREE eBooks)

Have aliens visited earth? (no, this isn’t a comment on the alternate realities of this election year)(but that just was, wasn’t it?)

I’ve been hearing that a large percentage of people believe we’ve been visited by some variant of little green men, or greys, or whatever color or form they came in.

Of course, if I believe that man can make it to the stars, and if there’s enough of a chance that other life exists out there, my optimism should also allow for other species to do the same.

Now, there’s a huge amount of space out there for another race to cover. And then there’s the 4th dimension – time. An alien civilization would have to exist at the same time as ours for us to meet somewhere. Your place or ours?

But what do I believe? I’d tell you if I could, but there are – people? – who wouldn’t be happy about it. Seriously, it seems unlikely because of the time issue if nothing else. And then there’s the lack of evidence – we should all be leery of claims made with no evidence that something happened, but that seems very hard for the human mind (at least the modern human mind) to comprehend. We seem to all want to believe in the fantastic, whether it’s aliens or other conspiracies. Maybe our everyday lives are just too – everyday?

I remember watching the Apollo 11 moon landing (yes, it happened, but there are people who believe it didn’t – probably the same sorts who believed we’ve been there already before it happened, or who believe in alien visitations  – CONTRARIANS – people who only believe against the evidence (useful people for movements – the unquestioning faithful.) When I watch Armstrong and the others, I saw no reason that HUMANITY wouldn’t be stepping off from there to Mars and beyond. It was even possible that we’d have colonies by now, and that I (I wish “I” wasn’t automatically capitalized – it makes it hard to emphasize it when you really want to)  – that “I” might be able to have at least visited one if not being an actual colonist myself. I could have been an ALIEN!!!

Obviously, that didn’t happen (bad prioritization algorithms), but we seem to be renewing our push out to the stars and planets now. I should be alive when we finally set foot on Mars, but I doubt I’ll see much beyond that.

Some will say it is just as well that we “waited” (folks, we didn’t “wait” – we STOPPED) – that now we’ve had time to learn more science and improve our technology, it will be so much easier (and cheaper) to do. This is true – it puts me in  mind of scifi stories about ships being sent out into space and getting to their destination AFTER later generations, who had better tech and more scientific knowledge. You’re supposed to feel like those earlier explorers were wasting their time.

But when do you know it’s the right time – that there aren’t any scientific breakthroughs in the wings that will make your current tech seem stone-age, and your efforts a waste of time? If you’re going to think that way, you might just as well sit on your hands and wait for someone to discover time travel – it will make the rest of the sciences moot.

Nothing gets done if you do nothing – you work with what you have (or as Rumsfeld said, you go to war with the army you have.) Waiting for a better time might work on a civilizational scale, but millions of people will languish from a lack of inspirational motivation in the meantime. Get off your hands – whatever it is you’re holding yourself back from, just do it.

Inspiration is a viral thing – don’t let it remain alien. Just saying…


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