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Meandering Monday about 2020 and Living with Uncertainty and Corruption

Raise your hand if 2020 is your favorite year. Unless you’re an anarchist, I don’t think so.

This year has too much uncertainty even for a speculative fiction writer like me. We live in a meandering time, in a meandering world, in a meandering country.

When will Covid be over?

Will I be allowed to see people’s faces in public again?

When will violent rioters and looters be brought to justice, instead of being called “peaceful protestors”?

Will the swamp ever be drained?

Will the people who pushed Russia-gate ever be brought to justice?

Will we live in the America I grew up in, or slide firmly into Marxism?

Will we ever be able to say what we think again?

Will we ever be able to think what we think?

Who will be President next year?

When I was watching the results on Election Night, it looked like President Trump was on the way to a clear win, my figuring late into the evening was he would have around 293 Electoral votes. Strangely, states that seemed strongly in his column or close enough to call just stopped reporting on counts about the same time (I don’t remember an election where that happened before), and when it appeared there would be no change until morning, I went to bed.

And woke up in a different universe.

Suddenly, Biden was gaining in those states. Dumps of thousands, and tens of thousands, of ballots that were 100% for Biden start showing in the tabulations. Mathematical modeling shows strange pictures of sudden jumps in Biden’s totals.

I have tried to swear off political rants on this blog, but how can I NOT say something about this?

We are truly divided, particularly by the filtering of the information we’re being allowed to see. I’ve watched the MSM (Main Stream Media, for the uninitiated) parrot whatever they’re told by Dems for years, while Republican statements are often labeled “unsupported” or “without evidence ” in the headline. When did the years of claims of RUSSIAN COLLUSION carry either qualifier?

It has been stated for years by both sides that mail-in ballots are very subject to fraud, but once the Democrats started pushing for nationwide mail-ins last spring, suddenly any claims that fraud and abuse in the application were a danger became disinformation.

The MSM has been more interested in narrative setting than news reporting for years. When did the Ministry of Truth get control of these things?

There are legitimate claims and reports of anything from software “glitches” to failure to follow local rules or the Federal Constitution, to outright fraud, with witnesses and videos to support those claims. There are mathematical impossibilities illustrated in the counts. There are five or six cities with particularly onerous reputations, histories of corruption, and odd issues that provided just enough edge to swing the entire election. Tweets by the current President of the United States to this effect are marked by Twitter with blue labels as “disputed”, or with Twitter claiming that “voting by mail is safe and secure.” (Claiming it’s safe and secure is like saying we can be sure that the legit winner will be evident in a friendly game of Monopoly if the rules are followed and nobody cheats. Guys, it is only safe and secure if it is carefully monitored and validated, which it wasn’t.) Does Twitter not notice or acknowledge that the ELECTION is disputed, and any claims that either side has won, or that Biden is President Elect are also in dispute (and until certified, also false)? Where are your “fact-checkers”?

Now, Dem officials are telling us everything is okay, nothing to see here, and the MSM is dutifully parroting that, too. Trump points out irregularities, and the headline say “unsupported complaints”, even though you can find the support for his claims if you can get past the MSM/Big Tech monolith’s information blackout and “fact-checking”.

In the meantime, someone needs to shut up AOC and her talk of revenge lists. Why are these threats never a violation of Twitter’s policies?

The Dems and the MSM saying something doesn’t make it true, anymore than controlling information made it true in Orwell’s 1984.

Most of you just want to live your lives, and are probably asking “Why bother fighting it?” You fight because the people who are willing to engage in this much fraud, out in the open, believe they are above both the law and YOU, and if they’re allowed to steal this, then YOUR life isn’t YOURS anymore.

When they go on and on about “OUR Democracy”, they mean THEIRS.

We all need to step back and let the legal process play out, and HOPEFULLY when the dust clears, we’ll have enough reason to believe that the system hasn’t been so corrupted as to be irredeemable, and reason to believe that the results are legit – reasons beyond “Nothing to see here – suck it up and move along, Comrade.”

Just saying…

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