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Meandering Monday about Heads in the Sand and Other Places

I’ve talked a lot about how lucky I am – that I lead a charmed life. It isn’t that bad things don’t happen to me, but even when they do, I seem to luck my way into a better situation. A friend has taken to nicknaming me Domino, because things just seem to fall into place for me.

Good luck can be a curse instead of a blessing (Yes, there goes Bill again, crying about his good fortune. What’s with this guy? I thought he was a GLASS HALF FULL type…) I AM an optimist, which means that I tend to expect things to end well most, if not all, of the time. Because I’m lucky. But having that luck – and learning through a lifetime to count on it – means that I’m at a loss whenever those dominos decide to even the odds with the rest of the world, and don’t fall right for me.

I’ve been remarkably casual about the loss of my day job, and through that casualness haven’t made any serious effort to get a new one. This last one was a twenty-year stint – who knows how long it will take me to get back in the swing of job searching…

If things don’t work out, I really don’t know what to do. Being an optimist starts to look more like seeing the world thru rose-colored glasses. Or not seeing it at all, because I’m imitating an ostrich with my head in the sand, doing my best to see no evil (yes, I know I’m mixing my animal allegories – so sue me.)

It’s a good thing to be an optimist. But refusal to see problems because they make you uncomfortable can be deadly. Looking the other way because they only affect other people is some mixture of inconsiderate, sociopathic, and cowardly.

You can’t solve a problem if you refuse to see that it’s there.

Most of the nation has their heads in the sand about this election (OOPS – there he goes getting political again.) They would just as soon ignore what’s happening and get on with their lives (whatever that may be in this Covid-obsessed world.) It’s baffling to those of us (maybe seventy-million strong) who watched the results on election night, saw the peculiar counting shut down in multiple states, then woke the next day after Biden received mysterious, unexplained piles of ballots in the middle of the night that helped him pull ahead.

It may not be fair to categorize our citizens as having their heads in the sand. I’m sure many of them are paying attention to the news, which would be admirable if the news was still the NEWS. But media bias has taken it to a whole new level –

not only do the major outlets refuse to investigate what seems obvious fraud and irregularities, they are working overtime to discredit anyone who believes there was fraud. Twitter has taken to labeling references to voter fraud as DISPUTED (but with clear evidence of fraud, anyone who says it doesn’t exist gets a free pass.) Media bias is not okay. The PRESS was supposed to be the fourth estate, to keep the government in check and the citizens informed, but it is failing mightily. For years conservatives have been told (even by themselves) that they must just lump it and take it, instead of complaining. How dare the President point out the dangers of FAKE NEWS…

Republican establishment types would rather pretend that nothing is wrong and graciously accept their defeat (by what looks more and more like criminal activity.) Because the other side will make them feel uncomfortable if they don’t dutifully play their part as losers. Or threaten them if they get uppity (as is happening to lawyers and officials who try to actually look at the evidence in the most blatantly stolen election I’ve ever experienced.)

We’re all told that there’s NOTHING TO SEE HERE – put your head in the sand and get over it. If we appease those who control the narrative, they might not dox us, or threaten our livelihoods, or our families. (How can you trust anyone who would threaten you so to keep their word and not hurt you anyway?)

This is like thinking that if you feed the alligator it will leave you alone. But alligators get hungry, and although you may be last, you will eventually be on the menu. Best to challenge the alligator while there are still people around to help you.

It’s hard to defend yourself, or stand up for what’s right with your head in the sand. That’s not where your head is supposed to be – it leaves your butt in command of the situation – not the most effective posture.

Just saying…

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