Writing Wednesday: Hung Up On Timing

Last Week’s Goals

My blog posts all posted each day, but last week’s Writing Wednesday was an hour late. I usually write my blog entries no later than the day before they post -I need to stay ahead in my writing.

The few stories I have available for submission are rotating back out to market as they return.  

Marketing efforts continue. I’m still participating in Indies Unlimited’s Thrifty Thursdays.  I’m also giving their Kindle Unlimited Fridays for “Truth in Advertising” (which so far hasn’t had a single page read on Amazon since I put it in Kindle Select…)

I also received an email each from Authorweek and Booktweep within a half hour of each other, offering to let me pay them to promote Close Encounters of the Weird Kind. As you have all heard me say, I am new to book promotion. I’ve never heard of either of these services. When I googled them, I found references to them being scams, although I’m not sure they are, (anyone out there know the truth about them?), so I’ll pass. What I DO know is that they had to have gotten my email address from someone else – some other promo service, perhaps. They were unsolicited, and targeted.

I acknowledge that I will fail my short fiction quota for this year. There are only three weeks left, and I won’t have time to write three short stories, so that settles it – I’ll be sticking with the draft for Swordsmaster: Deception.

I wrote on only 4 days last week, and produced 3,982 words of fiction. Swordsmaster: Deception  is now 61,770 words.

Putting Up My Own Roadblocks

There are so many little ways my INFERNAL EDITOR™ can creep in there and shut down the creative flow of a story. I’ve fallen victim to it again.

The section of Swordsmaster: Deception I’m writing now has a lot of timing issues as characters pass by each other unknowingly. I need them to each achieve certain things in a certain order, and I’ve been struggling with trying to make sure the timing makes sense for other reasons (travel times, involvement of other characters, revelations.) I’ve allowed the draft to become stalled trying to order the scenes. I should just write them as they come to me, and then hash out the timing issues after the draft is complete. That’s when I should separate the different scenes (picture cutting up a printed manuscript) and then reordering them and reassembling. I’ll probably have some gaps to fill as well.

This never happens when I’m working on short fiction, but it’s simple to understand why. My longest short pieces are under 17,000 words (novelettes), and most are under 7,000 words (short stories.) It’s hard to get so complicated in that short a time as to make it hard to reconcile.

I certainly complain a lot about this novel thing, don’t I? So, why am I writing another one?

Maybe the fact that I spent those FORTY YEARS thinking about Swordsmaster (the novel I published last year.) I had invested so much in Sandrik that he decided to live on beyond the original story. He refuses to go quietly into that good night, which is why, I suppose, he and Naelga chose to end Swordsmaster:

“And now you must be prepared for the new destiny which looms in your future,” Naelga said.

“What destiny?” Sandrik asked. “I thought that was over.”

“We shall see,” she said. “We shall see.”

I only hope they’re not leading me on a wild goose chase.

Just saying…

Current Book Promotions

In a Flash Detective Jimmy Delaney eBook CoverPurrMission-MainTall_025For info on how to preorder my latest release (“Two Buttons to Eternity”), or even get it for FREE, as well as  information and links for my other current promotions (including the FREE starter eBooks for my Herc Tom, Champion of the Empire series and my Detective Jimmy Delaney series), look HERE on my CURRENT BOOK PROMOTIONS page.


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