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Meandering Monday about Where We Stand (Or Will We?)

So much narrative…

As we wrap up 2020 (even though it’s intent on sucking up the air of 2021), theer are so many things troubling me that I need to give voice to. I should really be trying harder to keep this blog from straying into the overtly political – the problem is, EVERYTHING is now politicized.

In the middle of a pandemic, especially if you’re in a blue state, you’re probably being told that you’re not allowed to earn a living, or everything else around you has been shut down. Meanwhile, your elected leaders go about their day as though the rules they place on you do not apply to them (so, if they really think this virus is so dangerous, why don’t they obey their own orders? If masks are truly effective, why do they keep being seen without them?

Gradually, the courts are stepping in and telling Governors and other officials that they are overstepping their authority and VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION. But many of them have been doing this for over half a year, and plan to keep doing it.

I understand that Covid is a scary thing. I also understand that the people who have to worry about it the most are pretty easy to identify – Governor Cuomo sent infected people into nursing homes to prove this (and somehow gets fawning press and awards for his handling, despite the THOUSANDS of deaths he caused.) Instead of shutting down the country, impoverishing people by not allowing them to work or have their businesses open, we only need to protect the most vulnerable, or allow them to decide how much they want to be protected. You can’t force a supposedly free people to stay in a box (we don’t even allow this cruel punishment in prisons), and currently drug abuse, suicides, and domestic abuse are up.

I am being cautious myself, masks and gloves, and limiting exposure to others because MY SIGNIFICANT ONE is high risk, but I don’t expect THE ENTIRE COUNTRY TO LOCK THEMSELVES AWAY AND DESTROY THEIR FUTURES to make my life easier. Common sense (if it exists) shows this to be a foolish overreaction.

I have seen that there are discrepancies between the way we count Covid deaths compared to the way we count flu deaths (if someone dies and the hospital thinks they had Covid, it becomes a Covid death – even if it was a motorcycle accident…) It’s hard to trust reporting on this from a media and party that were invested in making it look as bad as possible for political purposes, when, in fact, the death rate is less than a bad flu season for all except the most vulnerable.

I saw a chart of total deaths in the U.S. over the last ten or twenty years, and it looks like 2020 is pretty average (I think we’re below 2018, and I don’t remember a pandemic back then.) It’s past time to let people decide for themselves what they’re willing to risk.

We have two vaccines that have been approved, and are being distributed now. Of course, Vice President Biden and his party have done what they can to scare people about the vaccine (just as they did about hydroxychloroquine, forbidding doctors to treat patients with a safe and inexpensive medication that has been proven effective JUST BECAUSE… TRUMP.)

Even if you get the vaccine, there are now alleged experts saying you will still need to wear a mask, and be restricted from traveling freely. Makes you wonder what their real agenda is.

All news seems to be geared to setting a narrative instead of reporting facts.

And while this is going on, the scandals about Joe Biden (and Swalwell and other Democrats) are dribbling out into the news (after being suppressed and censored prior to the election), because I think they believe that the election is over, that they’ve succeeded in stealing it, and NO ONE is going to do anything about it.

Someone at the Supreme Court revealed that Chief Justice Roberts actually said that they could not take on the case Texas brought (along with @ twenty other states) because there might be riots (after all, we’ve seen the Dems destroying cities all year, and they were threatening it prior to election day.)

So the Supreme Court, rather than uphold their duty to the country, succumbed to terrorist threats.

BTW – even though the MSM and Dems and twitter with their cute blue warnings keep saying there is no evidence of fraud or that the election was stolen, be aware that THOUSANDS OF AFFIDAVITS from people willing to come forward, swear on threat of perjury that they saw fraud happening, forensic audits of the machines showing them gifting Joe Biden with votes AND taking them from President Trump, videos of irregularities and strange goings on – these things do not cease to be evidence just because the MSM says they’re not.

I’ve seen statistics that indicate anywhere from 47% to 67% of the country (legal voters? or just people?) believe that the election has been stolen. It is beyond frustrating to see courts refuse to take cases because somehow no one in this country seems to have any standing. What has happened to the rule of law?

More and more, the illegitimacy of Vice President Biden’s victory is becoming unavoidable, and yet we still seem to be heading for it to be allowed. Why? Is it just too rude a thing to insist on our rules and laws to be obeyed? What has become of us?

I endured four years of Obama in the white house – I was opposed to most of what he did, but I believed he had won legitimately, and that’s the way our country is supposed to work. He was a disaster, but a disaster chosen with minimal cheating. What we have here is blatant, out and out theft, in plain view, but no people of consequence (at least not enough of them to break through the MSM censors) are willing to declare that the Emperor has no clothes. CapitalDomeYellowLastChanceAgainstFraudStopTheSteal

There seems to be just one more chance to stop this farce from coming to completion next month – it is possible that Senate and House Republicans could still put an end to the steal – if they are willing to steel themselves and do the right thing. It won’t be easy, but it must be done.

My hope is to see the right thing done, but it is a slim hope. My fallback position now is to know that for the next four years, a party will illegally be occupying the White House, and all I’ll be able to do is to refuse to refer to either of the usurpers as President – because they are not.

Just saying…

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