Writing Wednesday: Don’t Let a Story Languish – Write It While It’s Hot

Last Week’s Writing Goals

My blog entries all went out on time, and I had a rare occurrence on my blog – SOMEONE ACTUALLY COMMENTED!!! It wasn’t anything approaching a conversation – just a compliment, but at least I know it’s possible for people to do it on my blog…

I discovered that another site I submitted to doesn’t bother to send out a rejection notice, so I may have had two stories wasting away there for a month or more, instead of moving on to the next market. Frustrating for me, but I don’t think it’s at all productive for me to keep checking status on each story I have out there, when there isn’t even a truly predictable timeframe for a story to work through a market’s slush pile. I really appreciate those markets that put out the effort to at least send an auto-reject so authors don’t have to work harder just to know they didn’t make a sale.

In marketing, my only active efforts on promo sites right now are with Indies Unlimited Thrifty Thursdays and Kindle Unlimited Fridays every week. I applied to have “Purr Mission” promoted on readingscifi.com almost a month ago, and it is now listed on their site, so here’s a link to “Purr Mission”‘s page on readingscifi.com

Smashwords End of Year Sale began Friday, and runs through January 1st – you can see all the books I have enrolled at 50% off on my CURRENT BOOK PROMOTIONS page.

I wrote seven days last week and produced 3,856 words of fiction. The draft of Swordsmaster: Deception is now 66,563 words.

Write It While It’s Hot

I have broken through the logjam on Swordsmaster: Deception, and am trying to take the story as far as I can before 2020 is officially over (January 3rd in my recordkeeping.) I’m trying not to get hung up again, and I’ve decided to let the draft be rougher than I usually allow. That will mean ignoring a lack of detail (that will be handled in one of several revisions), and focusing on what I currently view as the main scenes that need to happen from where the story is now to reach the ending that’s already in my mind.

Why is it important to push ahead?

Well, I would like to get at least close to achieving my 2020 goal of completing the rough draft, but checking that box is a very minor consideration.

The longer a story floats around in my mind, the more it changes from its original direction. I don’t think I’m alone in this. I’ve read a few books about writing that discourage authors from talking about a story before they have the rough draft written. It’s not for fear of the story being stolen by a listener. There’s a phenomenon that when you talk about a story, your brain treats it as though you have already written it, and the creative process short-circuits, and loses interest in what it feels it has already done.

Another problem is that the longer a story idea mills around in my mind without being set down, the more it changes from the original inspiration (which is why I rarely write down story ideas any longer – when I look back on those notes more than a week later, I rarely have the same feeling about what felt like a great idea at the time. It’s not that the idea wasn’t great to begin with, it’s just that my mind is in a different place now, and isn’t remembering the unspecified details or connecting emotionally with the story’s inspiration.) The story will become stale, or ramble off in unsupported directions (which means it will take even more work to add in foreshadowing and other backgrounds and supports for deviations from the original plot.)

I have to write it down as quickly as possible while the story is still hot, even if what I end up for a rough draft is sketchier than I would like. Once I have the anchoring scenes down, I can build the rest of the details in to make it a story worth reading, rather than an interesting idea that never really went anywhere.

Just saying…

Current Book Promotions

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