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Meandering Monday about Gas-lighting US Into a Dimmer Tomorrow…

When I was in my teens, I wondered about how I could know that the news I was seeing was true. After all, the Soviets (that’s what Russia used to be, “back in the USSR, boys…”) had their own news that they claimed was true, how did I know what REALITY was?

One of my elders told me that, in the U.S. of A., I could go to any newsstand and get publications from anywhere, all around the world. I could see all viewpoints, and, if there were conflicts, use my own critical thinking to sort things out and know what the reality was. The unfortunate people in the Soviet Union only had STATE media sources like Pravda – competing viewpoints (and facts) were not allowed.

Now, I know we’re in trouble. Donald Trump, the President of the United States (still, for about a week yet), has been censored, along with anyone who challenges the prevailing NARRATIVE.

And what is that narrative? That we had a totally above-boards, and properly conducted election. That last week was an attempted coup.

Joe Biden and the media/elitist mob are now accusing President Trump and his supporters of engaging in the BIG LIE. The LEFT has claimed for the months since the election that there was no evidence of corruption, or illegalities, not by being open and transparent, but by refusing to allow that evidence to be seen in the public square. Hundreds of sworn affidavits, videos of strange activities in the counting rooms, blatant violations of the U.S. and state constitutions all disregarded by “disputed” comments from Twitter and a failure to even allow discussion.

“Nothing to see here. Move along…”

Much like how the Hunter Biden laptop story and Joe Biden’s obvious corruption  was not allowed to see the light of our cell phones or TV screens. Or how Biden can proclaim that the Obama-Biden administration was free of scandal, since no one in government was willing to pursue investigations, and the MSM refused to report on it.

Perception becomes reality when you have no other sources to compare it to

Our last serious chance to see an effective discussion of the problems with the 2020 election was during the Electoral counting in Congress January 6th, when objections to the questionable states’ votes should have at least had a fair hearing, and POSSIBLY even been covered by the media. But this was short-circuited by the strangely inconsistent (for MAGA) storming of the Capital Building. Despite the narrative portrayal of MAGA supporters as violent these last few years, that behavior is not at all typical of Pro-Trump gatherings. Who has been accosting people they disagree with in public, driving their opponents from restaurants and coffee shops, assaulting them in the streets, burning cities, tearing down statues, attacking and denigrating the police? Who spent months attacking a Federal Courthouse in Portland, or tried to storm the fences at the White House? MAGA violence is the exception.

I haven’t been able to find a count of the people involved last week, but my best estimate is that there were tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of protestors in D.C., but only a couple of hundred who committed the violence and disrespect at the Capital Building. People there to support President were shocked when they walked to Capital to find it had been stormed, and there are eye-witness accounts of protestors physically restraining some who tried to violate that building.

Unfortunately, we live in alternate realities. There is the reality we can see with our lying eyes, and then the one we are told to believe.

Orwell’s 1984 has come to fruition.

An act of a handful of people is called an insurrection and a coup attempt., and thousands and thousands of law-abiding Trump supporters are labeled as rioters and worse, while for months we’ve been treated to true rioters and looters from BLM and ANTIFA being called peaceful protestors.

Meanwhile, the MSM and the rest of the NARRATIVE BUILDERS lie about Trump inciting violence. I’ve listened to the speech, and he did no such thing, just as his inaugural speech wasn’t DARK (a word that seemed to be used by every member of the MSM in describing it. You should wonder why independent NEWS people are using the exact same phrases to describe events. If that isn’t NARRATIVE BUILDNG, what is it?) You can find Kamala Harris on video directly supporting and spurring on the BLM/ANTIFA violence of the past year, but that will not be discussed in the officially sanctioned public square, either, which means it never happened.

The few Senators and Congressmen who tried to stand up for election integrity are being demonized and worse, for asking questions. I ask you – if someone robs your house, are you a trouble-maker if you say anything about it? And if no one is willing (or allowed) to say anything, does that mean a crime didn’t occur?

Many who see the writing (and rewriting) on the wall are doing what they can to protect themselves from the retaliation that will be aimed now at anyone who refuses to bow to the NARRATIVE.

The true powers that be in this country have been intent on totally ruining President Trump since he defeated Hillary, and they will be hard at work now rewriting the history of his administration to make it seem that he failed.

There were so many successes in this administration, not the least of which was the exposure to even more of WE THE PEOPLE of how precarious our control of our own country is, and of ways to stand up against the NARRATIVE.

The only failure was in not realizing how entrenched the POLITICAL and BUREAUCRATIC ELITES are in power. The swamp will not go quietly. Who knows how long it will take, if they can ever be driven out, and power restored to WE THE PEOPLE.

Prepare for the GAS-LIGHTING to continue, and for things to get a lot dimmer. Let’s hope it doesn’t put the light out on this “shining city on the hill.”

Just saying…

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