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Meandering Monday about the Divisive Damage of Forced Unity

A company with different departments all on different software doesn’t run smoothly or efficiently – you wind up in a lot of emergency fire drills and unnecessary headwinds because the different groups aren’t quite in sync with each other. Sometimes the problems are more a matter of data translation from one system to another, but it isn’t helpful to have discrepancies between various data elements, and way of definitively reconciling those differences, to find common ground with a consistent set of facts.

There has been a lot of talk of UNITY lately, but we don’t seem to be unified about what that means. Unity in what?  Just a general feeling of brotherhood ? Policy beliefs? Governing principles? Policed thoughts?

We have one side that has advocated political violence for years (and effectively so, from uncivil harassment of opponents in restaurants to rioting, burning, and assault), and these have declared that the other side – the more demonstrably peaceful side – is the dangerous and must be silenced to prevent conflict.

Peace is not the absence of conflict. We have a right to our own thoughts, and freedom of speech is there to protect the right to have conflicting opinions.

Silencing and censoring the opposition does not make that conflict disappear.

Our system of government is designed to allow for conflict, with processes and institutions in place to promote its PEACEFUL resolution. We are a nation based on the rule of law, and we can’t exist as a society without the fair, unbiased application of law and ethics. The blindfold on LADY JUSTICE is not to keep her from seeing the wrongdoing of one side – it is to disregard sides and treat all citizens engaged in our societal compact the same way.

We are about to swear in a blatantly corrupt & compromised POTUS, following a corrupt and compromised election. He and his party do not have the reverence for the rule of law that our forefathers hoped for. You can have your own opinion about this, but without a thorough and definitive investigation of the charges, we will never reconcile the opinions of both sides into one set of proven facts.

It is the height of hypocrisy that a party which has continuously refused to accept the results of the 2016 election WITH NO EVIDENCE demands that anyone questioning the latest election is guilty of sedition or insurrection. Refusing to acknowledge reams of evidence and silencing discussion through censorship and intimidation proves nothing – it only exacerbates the division.

As to the opposition party, most profess that reverence for our founding, but professing reverence and pointing out disparities and violations in the 2020 election is not enough – it is meaningless without action. Imagine a policeman observing wrongdoing and pointing his finger at the culprit and declaring “I saw that.”

No arrests. No trials. No consequences.

Rule of law becomes meaningless if there is inconsistent (or nonexistent) enforcement. And what kind of UNITY can be expected when some elements of society are viewed as privileged and above the law (and everyone else)?

Just saying…

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