Meandering Monday about When We’ll Ever Be Back to Normal

Getting back to normal here in Dallas – at least as far as the weather goes. We’ve been above freezing now for over a week (hitting the 70’s again.) The groundhog has apparently rescinded his decree for us after that one frozen week.

Some groceries disappeared from the shelves during that strange week. My one trip to the store in the snow took me to a mobbed store with no fresh meat and no bread. We did NOT revisit the toilet paper fiasco that Covid panic gave us in 2020, and what shortages there were for our special February edition of winter were short-lived.   

Anti-SocialCoverCovid still casts its strangeness over everything, with me still trying to figure out how to read people’s eyes over the masks; those eyes still seem frightened or unsure to me. It just isn’t the same as seeing what the rest of someone’s face is trying to tell me – like hostages afraid of what’s coming next.

Actually, those eyes feel like what I remember of Orwell’s 1984 – people afraid to let anyone else know what they’re thinking, lest the thought police find out. Maybe my sense of this is being influenced by the continuous censorship and propagandizing by media and tech, and the feeling that reality is in a constant state of narrative spin. How do you judge what today is going to be like if yesterday is already being rewritten? There is no frame of reference – at least not one we can all agree on.

We could probably get through Covid faster if we could have one reality. But not with the political football it has been turned into. The BIG LIE is alive, but it is not well. Makes me even more certain we should have stuck with calling it THE CHINA VIRUS. One way or several, it helped put the CCP’s favored party in control.

I continue to look forward to a day when finding trustworthy news goes back to being a fun hobby, instead of a labor intensive career. When PC NARRATIVE doesn’t dominate, and when you and I can discuss things without being pitted against each other by our self-appointed betters, separated in our ALTERNATE REALITY BUBBLES. (Bubble sounds so gentle – feels more like a straight-jacket, doesn’t it?)

Try to remember – we’re all in this together, even if we can’t be sure what THIS is.

Just saying…

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