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Meandering Monday about Invisible Artistry

Benjamin Cumberbatch is an amazing actor. My Significant One and I just watched The Courier, and when it was over I commented that when I watch him, even though I know it’s Cumberbatch (he has a distinctive look), I really feel I’m seeing and experiencing the character he’s playing. I don’t spend my time DURING the movie being amazed at this – his talent infuses the movie without overpowering it.

It’s something to strive for as an artist – as a creator.

As a writer, do you want your reader to marvel at how you turn a phrase? How you’ve mastered the language? How perfect your grammar is? Or do you want them immersed in your story?

If the reader spends their time paying attention to HOW GOOD A WRITER YOU ARE instead of enjoying the story, then I think you’ve failed (unless the audience you’re writing for is professional and amateur Editors and critics, in which case you may have succeeded) You certainly don’t want them to notice how BAD you are at those things, because that will pull them out of the story as well.

It’s like a magician who lets the audience see how he’s doing the trick – he’s saying “see how clever I am”, while not letting the audience enjoy that feeling of seeing “real magic.”

In a good marionette show, we prefer to see only the puppets. Even though we can see the strings, it’s a different experience when we can see who’s pulling them.

Of course, we all have different reasons for WHY we create. For some, being acknowledged and known, or thought of as smarter than the rest of the class, might be what motivates them. Guess it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

Some of us would rather remain invisible – PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN! – and let the story get all the attention. Not to say that we wouldn’t like to get paid. Just saying…

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