Writing Wednesday: A Writer Must Write

Last Week’s Goals

All my blog posts went out on schedule. “The View From My Cage Is Breathtaking”) returned from market and was sent out again.

My next eRelease is scheduled for September 3rd. I’m done with my revisions of “Possession” (Detective Jimmy Delaney #8, so I have plenty of time for formatting and creating a cover.

I counted wrong last week (I somehow double-counted “Hacked Off”), but I finished the draft and am revising “Memories,” so when it’s done I will have seven of my ten stories for 2021 done.

I made my fiction quota for the 4th week in a row – 5,135 words, spread over all seven days (two of them just missed their daily quota.) The final revision of “Possession” (Detective Jimmy Delaney #8) put it to 22,068 words, the revision of “And Then Her Tail Fell Off” is at 999 words, “Memories” finished at 2,200, and Jimmy Delaney #9 is currently over 1,400 words.


As I continue my attempts at various marketing gambits…

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A Writer Must Write

Heinlein’s first rule should be guidance for anyone who calls themselves a writer. Sometimes it’s too easy to find yourself hesitant to put words to commit words to paper. We’re not sure what to write next. We have something else we need to deal with first, but don’t set a definite time to get back to writing. We don’t know if our ideas are any good.

There is no try – only do.

You have to find a way to keep moving forward and keeping your writing muscles oiled and warmed up.

I’ve been pretty much immersed in “Possession” (Detective Jimmy Delaney #7) since mid-May, and I didn’t want to start the seventh Jimmy Delaney story until I was sure I was done with #7’s revisions. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to think of anything to write, but I needed to write SOMETHING, so I dug up a couple of text files I’d squirreled some ideas away in (one from almost ten years ago, the other about four years ago.

Ideas tend to get stale when you set them aside. If you don’t use them immediately, the excitement you might have had for them when you first wrote them down will wane, and the idea will morph into something else entirely, often into something totally useless to you.

But sometimes, when I’m stuck, I go back to the files to see if I can find a spark.

This time, I found two ideas that I thought would work well together (which became “And Then Her Tail Fell Off”), and four others that would also fit together (“Memories”.) I’m sure what I wrote wasn’t what I would have written ten, or even four years ago, but they provided the spark I needed to keep writing in the gap between Jimmy’s #8 & #9.

Because – a writer must write. Just saying…

What do you do to make sure you keep writing? Or do you just – GASP! – take a break?

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