Meandering Monday about Why We’re Here and What Comes After

What does it mean when we’re told that God created us in his own image?

I don’t think God looks like us – he doesn’t have two arms, two legs, a heart and all that. He is energy – a force (no, not The Force, Luke…) That’s the part of us that mimics Him.

I think God started out doing his own thing. He might have leaned toward collaboration (you would think so, if he made us out of his loneliness), but there was no one else to collaborate with.

I view God as a thinking, reasoning, creative force – I think that’s what human’s are meant to be. That’s why we have minds to let us reason things out, and the FREE WILL to decide what we want to do with that knowledge.

So – once we’re here – what are we supposed to do?

Learn and grow – make the best use you can of what God has given you. None of us can truly know what our fellow humans are going through, and so it is foolish to think that we can make life decisions for each other. Each of us has our own life to live, our own decisions to make, and we all do what’s best for ourselves. Hopefully, we have a positive impact the people around us and create WIN-WIN situations.

In the end, we all have an expiration date; this is unknown for most of us, but if you find out where the sticker is, I’d like to know (I’d be interested to know WHERE to find my expiration date, but I’d prefer not to know WHEN it is.)

But whether we know when it’s coming for us, it IS coming. What happens after that? Many believe that there is some sort of life after death, that we go on from here, leave the physical world and go… somewhere else.

Believers point out the countless instances of people dying, sometimes seeing what’s happening around their corporeal body, and often drifting away – going to that somewhere else before they return to their body.

Non-believers (or skeptics) think that the after-death experience is a common hallucination that we’ve become programmed to see, possibly through hearing the accounts of others.


If those people really didn’t go anywhere, HOW were they hallucinating? They were dead, weren’t they? And if they weren’t dead, that means that our medical profession STILL doesn’t know how to tell when someone is REALLY dead. A little disconcerting, don’t you think?

Just saying…

Any thoughts?

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