Meandering Monday about Moaning about Maturing

This post is late. I usually write each piece a day or two before posting. I started this one on Friday, but then I totally lost track of the days. That’s right – essentially, three days went by without me realizing it. I could attribute it to living in this Covid-changed world, where the normal weekly activities have been altered, amplified by my no longer having a day job. The lack of outside enforcement of a weekly schedule makes it really easy to lose track of time. More and more often I have to think really hard to remember what day it is (I can see it at the bottom right corner of my computer monitor – if I remember to look.)

It could just be a sign of the times. Or is it a sign of MY time – another of those signs of aging?

I talk a lot about aging – heck, I’m in my 60’s, and even thugh I joke a lot about being immortal, I’m still seeing signs. My face is becoming more drawn, the skin on my arms and my neck is less smooth. Skin elasticity isn’t what it used to be – if I lean against something, the impression stays with me for a while. Wounds take far longer to heal.

And then there are the memory issues. My memory was never any great shakes, but there are things from my far distant past that I could remember as little as five years ago that totally escape me now. I think the memories are there, but the file clerks I send to retrieve them seem to have gotten slower as I have, and get lost a lot.

Someone going through some discomfort recently (I will not name names) said that they wanted a new body. I told them that new bodies are overrated – you need to spend decades breaking them in.

Picture what a newborn foal first looks like when it’s trying to walk. How long do most of us crawl before we can do the same? (Yes – some of us never stop crawling…) Like So many other things in life, when you’re capable of doing things, you don’t have the means or knowledge needed to have access, and once you have access, you know what to do, but are no longer capable.

Someone didn’t think this through (don’t tell Him that I said that.) Or maybe it’s an intrinsic part of His unknowable plan – part of the continuous learning we were put here for.

Maybe, but I still think youth is wasted on the wrong people. Just saying…

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