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Writing Wednesday: Where Is All This Going?

Last Week’s Goals

All my blog posts went out as scheduled. Three stories returned from market and cycled back out.

We’ll see if I get around to it before the end of the year…

I made my weekly fiction quota again, producing 4,531 words of fiction. I wrote on seven days, but missed my daily quota on one of them. This was on Detective Jimmy Delaney #9 (“Too Much of a Good Thing”), which is now a novella of over 21,500 words and I’m still not done with the rough draft.


First of all – “Possession” (Detective Jimmy Delaney #8) completed its release weekend.PossessionGreenCover

In the run-up to the release day for “Possession,” I made a few attempts to get some free marketing. The only ones that came through for me (one of them on release day) were:

AwesomeGang:  https://awesomegang.com/possession/ 

BestBookMonkey:  https://bestbookmonkey.com/books/possession/

DiscountBookman:  https://discountbookman.com/?p=468871

It’sWriteNow:  https://itswritenow.com/possession-2/

I can’t tell if I had any results from these, but I suppose you get what you pay for. I still appreciate them making free promos available for low budget types like moi…


Simily.co is a new platform for selling short stories. I discovered them through a posting on LinkedIn. The principle seems to be similar to Kindle Select / Kindle Unlimited, where members (current fee is either free or a reduced amount as they start up) and authors get a small payment for each reader who looks at their story. There are two main differences between this and what Amazon does:

  1. This is only short fiction
  2. The author’s story doesn’t have to be exclusive (with Amazon’s scheme, you have to be exclusive)

The author retains all rights to their works, and can withdraw at any time. So far, I don’t see a downside, so I’m giving it a try with a couple of my stories and see what kind of pennies I pull in. I currently have eight of my stories on the site – you can check them out here:


I’d be glad to hear your thoughts and impressions of both my stories and the site in the comments here – thanx!


If you have Kindle Unlimited, Swordsmaster is still FREE for you to read. You can check it out here:


To help keep this writing gig going, I’m also an Amazon affiliate. If you click on one of my Amazon links and then purchase ANYTHING on the site, I might get a small commission AT NO COST TO YOU, so consider using one of my links the next time you plan any purchase on Amazon.

The Muse Moves in Mysterious Ways

It can be embarrassing to be a PANTSER.

One of my weaknesses is that I don’t like it when people think I don’t know what I’m doing (especially if I’m one of those people.) It used to be hard for me to admit when I didn’t know something. To combat this, I started overcompensating by admitting to my ignorance up front before I would ask questions. It worked for me – got me past my inhibitions about appearing to NOT know everything, and allowed me to exercise one of my strengths (asking questions that made people look at problems differently.

It also caused my manager(s) to take me aside and tell me to stop saying things that would make people think I didn’t know what I was doing. They were afraid those people would start wondering why I was in the meeting – that may have happened, but I never heard anything about it. Just as well, as I couldn’t/wouldn’t break the habit.

So what does this have to do with being a PANTSER?

I quite often don’t know where a story is going. It’s actually one of the joys of writing for me – I get to be surprised by and enjoy my stories as much as my readers do (I hope they don’t feel as lost as I often do.) But can you imagine if I ever get to the point of being interviewed for a podcast, or participate in a panel on a con?

“Bill, what were you thinking when you wrote ‘Too Much of a Good Thing’?”

“I was just wondering what was going to happen next.”

That’s exactly what writing the 9th Detective Jimmy Delaney (the aforementioned “Too Much of a Good Thing”) has been like. I’ve thought several times that I was near the end of the draft – around 15,000 words, then 17,000, then 21,000 words (and probably several other spots where I thought I knew what was going on) – or worse, where I decided what I was going to MAKE HAPPEN so the story would wrap up.

But the story either left me in the dark, or outright defied my wishes. I think, though, that the rough draft is finally reaching its end, and will be complete by  the end of this week. Then I’ll have probably three revisions to neaten everything up, add the appropriate foreshadowing, and make sure it will make sense to someone other than my muse or myself.

I complain a lot, but I really do love writing this stuff, and I don’t think I could ever do it any other way.

Just saying…

Current Book Promotions

In a Flash Detective Jimmy Delaney eBook CoverPurrMission-MainTall_025For  information and links for my current promotions (including the FREE starter eBooks for my Herc Tom, Champion of the Empire series and my Detective Jimmy Delaney series), look HERE on my CURRENT BOOK PROMOTIONS page.

Reaching Out

William Mangieri’s writing has been published on Daily Science Fiction and The Arcanist. His ninety or so short stories and related collections can be found at several online retailers, including, but not limited to:

Want to help me make a go of this writing gig WITHOUT IT COSTING YOU A PENNY? I’m in the Amazon Affiliates program, so any time you click one of the links I provide here to my books on Amazon, and then make a purchase of something like, say, a TV, I get a small percentage of Amazon’s profit. So PLEASE consider using one of my links to get to Amazon before you make that next purchase. Thanx!


or on twitter: @WilliaMangieri

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