Writing Wednesday: Reevaluating and Resetting Your Course

Last week’s Goals

My blog posts went out on schedule. “Lasting Impression” returned from market – the only market I can find for it doesn’t open until October 1st, so it won’t be going back out until then.

In my reading, I’ve moved on to Patrick Rothfuss’ 2nd Kingkiller Chronicle book (The Wise Man’s Fear) again. The writing is just too good on so many fronts to not learn something from it (Patrick, don’t be a George R.R. Martin – PLEASE finish the third book!)

I wrote the rough drafts (start to finish) and completed the first revisions of “Getting Personal” and my tenth short fiction for this year (tentatively titled “Travel Advisory”.) I’ll revisit them next week for their final revisions, and that will make this year’s short fiction quota complete.

I made my weekly fiction quota, producing 4,054 words of fiction. I wrote on all seven days, but missed my daily quota on three of them. The current draft of “Getting Personal” is 2,725 words. “Travel Advisory” is 828 words.


Simily.co is a new platform for selling short stories. I discovered them through a posting on LinkedIn. The principle seems to be similar to Kindle Select / Kindle Unlimited, where members (current fee is either free or a reduced amount as they start up) and authors get a small payment for each reader who looks at their story. There are two main differences between this and what Amazon does:

  1. This is only short fiction
  2. The author’s story doesn’t have to be exclusive (with Amazon’s scheme, you have to be exclusive)

The author retains all rights to their works, and can withdraw at any time. So far, I don’t see a downside, so I’m giving it a try with a couple of my stories and see what kind of pennies I pull in. I currently have twelve of my stories on the site – you can check them out here:


I have twelve stories posted there now. Their membership isn’t growing very quickly, and my 2-cent per read royalties aren’t piling up very quickly. I’m probably going to keep with it for all of September and October before I decide whether it’s worth my efforts.

In the meantime, I’d be glad to hear your thoughts and impressions of both my stories and the site in the comments here – thanx!


Swordsmaster4If you have Kindle Unlimited, Swordsmaster is still FREE for you to read. So far I’m getting NO positive results from going exclusively with Amazon, so I’m not sure how much longer I’ll leave it there . For now, you can still read it for free here:



To help keep this writing gig going, I’m also an Amazon affiliate. If you click on one of my Amazon links and then purchase ANYTHING on the site, I might get a small commission AT NO COST TO YOU, so consider using one of my links the next time you plan any purchase on Amazon.

About Reevaluating Goals, Objectives, and Milestones

It’s funny how we often compartmentalize our lives, and don’t take a learning from one compartment and apply it to the others.

I began working toward my writing career as a result of a Franklin Covey class at my day job that forced me to be conscious of my lack of – and need for – a creative outlet. In my life as an IT professional then, a lot of emphasis was placed on setting goals, objectives and milestones, but I floundered for my first seven(?)  years of writing. One day, in frustration at how little writing I had completed (two short stories), I decided that I needed to set some stakes in the ground to focus my attention and measure my production and progress.

It paid off. I have averaged over eight stories per year since.

I usually reserve my proselytizing about objective setting for the last couple of weeks of the year, but that’s a bad habit. You should constantly examine how you’re doing, and reset your goals based on the current circumstances.

There is nothing magical about New Years Day – it’s just another milestone that we can all share (“Oh look – we’re still here! Let’s see how many of us make it to next year.”) But why wait until that one day to decide to make changes? If your starship is off course, it’s a lot easier to correct when it first happens; waiting until the hypothetical arrival day to check your progress wastes a lot of travel time. When  something needs to change, best get to it WHEN it needs to, not after.

With the changes that have happened in my life (loss of my DAY JOB, the changes with how the outside world operates under Covid), I should be fine-tuning my own objectives, as should we all. Especially for those of you who haven’t been setting milestones and objectives, there’s no time like the present for self-evaluating and setting your stakes.

As a reminder:

An objective (or goal) is something you have control of – the number of words you write, or meeting a blog posting schedule, or finishing a novel.

A milestone is an accomplishment that you can’t directly control – like making a traditional sale – but that your goals have hopefully helped to happen.

You can post them in the comments if you’d like. In my experience, it’s also good to publicly post these objectives – I find I work harder to achieve them so I can avoid the embarrassment of public failure.

Just saying…

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Reaching Out

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