Meandering Monday about Who I Am, and How I Got Here

Something I’ve been big on for quite some time is understanding how unique each of us is.

In the workplace, there’s a tendency to think of individuals as widgets. This person is an accountant. This one is a COBOL programmer. That one over there is a roll former operator. A truck driver. A cashier.

Every cashier isn’t the same, and none of them started out as cashiers.

You can take all sorts of tests that try to place you in various skill groups or personality traits. According to Stengthsfinder, My five stengths are Strategic (thinking about what’s next), Analytical (thinking about everything), Ideation (thinking of ideas), Intellection (thinking about thinking) and Learning (new things to think about.) It had me pinned down pretty well – I spend entirely too much time in my head (and you may have noticed that none of those strengths relate to people skills.)

Strengthsfinder is one of the few tests that I have ever thought was really worth anything. Just about any other system I’ve tried puts me in some borderline where I’m in between two different opposing positions (just like I’m on the cusp between two zodiac signs.) Of course, this may just be my own fault – I’m also a dilettante. My interests vary, as does my personality at times (I’m probably one of the most introverted extroverts I know

To BE. ALL THAT YOU CAN BE, you need to also be all that you were.

Throughout my life, I have had a variety of roles. In no particular order, I’ve been an Actor, Director, a Set, Sound and Makeup Designer, Karaoke Singer, Author, Baker, Bus Boy, Soda Jerk, Waiter, Musician (Trumpet/French Horn/B-Flat Horn/Alto Horn/Trombone/Guitar and a little Keyboard), Mail Clerk, Microfilm Developer, Solar Mirror Assembler, Rollformer Operator, Machine Shop Supervisor, Computer Programmer, Jury Foreman, Development Lead, Wargamer, Convenience Store Clerk, and Project Manager. That last one was my last DAY JOB, and lasted for nine years. I never planned to be a project manager, but I brought many seemingly unrelated experiences to the position. You’d be surprised to learn how much music, acting, writing science fiction, and wargaming can impact project management. I was a different kind of project manager.

Fact is, I’ve been a different kind of anything else I’ve been, too.

So how well do you know yourself? Where did you come from? What seemingly unrelated experiences have aided you in YOUR day job, or some other aspect of your life? This enquiring mind would like to read about it in the comments (I always need something else to think about. Just saying…

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