Writing Wednesday: The Best Laid Plans of a Pantser

Last Week’s Goals

A pitiful eighty-two words of fiction. That on three days, obviously failing both my weekly and daily production goals. I explain (not EXCUSE) this below.

TooMuchOfAGoodThingCoverMy three blog entries posted as scheduled. I have everything I can reasonably expect back out to market. (There are a couple of stories that are waiting for markets to open.)

A Smashwords Presale is in progress for “Too Much of a Good Thing.” The ninth Detective Jimmy Delaney story is available for FREE download right now, so you can even read it BEFORE the November 12th release day. Here’s the link:



Simily.co is a new platform I started trying at the end of August. The principle is similar to Kindle Select / Kindle Unlimited, where members (current fee is either free or a reduced amount as they start up) and authors get a small payment for each reader who looks at their story.

  1. This is only short fiction
  2. The author’s story doesn’t have to be exclusive (with Amazon’s scheme, you have to be exclusive)
  3. The author retains all rights to their works, and can withdraw at any time

I have fourteen stories on the platform, pulling in 2-cents a read. You can check them out here:


Give it a try (as a reader OR a writer.) I’d be glad to hear your thoughts and impressions of both my stories and the site in the comments here – thanx!

So – Why Am I Intimidated?

We have nothing to fear but…

I thought I had my return to Sandrik and Swordsmaster:Deception all planned out. My reread of Swordsmaster was verySwordsmaster4 encouraging, and I thought that after that I would be able to just slide right into Deception as though it hadn’t been in my sock drawer for eight months.


The rough draft rougher than I remembered (I appear to have left it that way deliberately.)  Before I realized this, I had considered trying to incorporate my recent learnings about Character Arcs, plotting, the Hero’s Journey, and the like.

I wasn’t going to revise as I read because I knew I might be making major changes to the draft, so why bother.

But I know how I work – I often wind up moving sections instead of deleting them (how would I have survived as a writer without word-processing programs?), so why not make it read well each time through? It will help me avoid missing grammar and other errors later.

It took me a few days to pull myself together enough to begin tackling the draft, and I’m now doing two things – reading to reacquaint myself with where I was, and revising sections that sound confusing or are inconsistent.

My plan of action:

  1. Once I’m through with the draft, I’ll read through my notes from February and decide what I still agree and combine those with my current thoughts on the story.
  2. Then I should probably do a rough outline or synopsis of book three to have a better idea of what needs to happen in Deception for the two books to work together.

And even as I write these grand plans, I know what I am. The chances of this battle plan lasting through next week? Well, pantsers will be pantsers. Just saying…

Current Book Promotions

In a Flash Detective Jimmy Delaney eBook CoverPurrMission-MainTall_025For info on how to preorder my latest release (“Two Buttons to Eternity”), or even get it for FREE, as well as  information and links for my other current promotions (including the FREE starter eBooks for my Herc Tom, Champion of the Empire series and my Detective Jimmy Delaney series), look HERE on my CURRENT BOOK PROMOTIONS page.


Reaching Out

William Mangieri’s writing has been published on Daily Science Fiction and The Arcanist. His ninety or so short stories and related collections can be found at several online retailers, including, but not limited to:

Want to help me make a go of this writing gig WITHOUT IT COSTING YOU A PENNY? I’m in the Amazon Affiliates program, so any time you click one of the links I provide here to my books on Amazon, and then make a purchase of something like, say, a TV, I get a small percentage of Amazon’s profit. So PLEASE consider using one of my links to get to Amazon before you make that next purchase. Thanx!


or on twitter: @WilliaMangieri

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