Meandering Monday about the Smothering of Reality

Yes, REALITY – what a concept…

It is one I believe in – at least on the macro level. When we HUMANS are living our personal lives, we come up with all sorts of almost OCD rituals to help us navigate all the inputs we have to deal with coming at us from the universe outside ourselves. Which end of the egg you choose to break, which sock you put on first feels very important, and when you see someone else doing it a different way than you do, it can be hard to not try to save them from their foolishness – until you take the time to realize that the difference between their ritual and yours isn’t a difference that matters.

It’s like sub-sub-sub-atomic particles – what we thought were the rules of physics seem to hold at every level until they don’t. We all have our ways of coping with the mountains of uncertainty that surround us.

Don’t FORCE your sense of REALITY on the rest of us.

The obvious competition between narratives (the one that the POWERS THAT BE continue to push in all channels and venues, vs. the one that people talk – or at least THINK – about in more private places) doesn’t help establish a grasp of reality. There are now more genders than Baskin Robbins has flavors. Really? It used to be that believing things like that would fit you nicely into a Psychiatric category, if not a straight jacket. Now, trying to hold to the SCIENTIFICALLY PROVABLE stance of two genders can put you in other types of hot water.

“You are not of the body.”

So many things you’re not allowed to say out loud anymore, lest you be banned from the public square – or worse. What used to be called COMMON SENSE is now labeled as DISINFORMATION by people driving an agenda that apparently can’t stand up to competing ideas – else why try to silence them? That’s what CANCEL CULTURE is all about.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH isn’t designed to keep people from hearing things they object to or find offensive – it’s to allow all viewpoints to be discussed and debated, to help us all get on the same page – the same understanding of reality. Everyone gets to speak THEIR TRUTH (called OPINION) until we agree on what the TRUE REALITY of our situation is. For now, ours has become fragmented.

We are in a major GASLIGHTING. Orwell’s 1984 keeps coming to mind – a PUBLIC NARRATIVE that changed based on what those in power needed it to be, versus an undercurrent of what people KNEW (and struggled to remember) to be the TRUTH. I don’t want my children or grandchildren (or anyone else) to have to live in a world where we have to lie publicly to keep from being doxed, persecuted, fired, beaten or worse.

Your freedom to swing your fist stops before it hits my nose. Your freedom to assert your reality ceases when you try to force thoughts into the minds of others.

Just saying…

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