Writing Wednesday: How Hard Can It Be to Create an Outline?

Last Week’s Goals

All blog entries posted on schedule. All returned stories were sent back out to market.

I failed to make my weekly quota with only 1185 words of fiction – this was in three days of writing, and I only made one of those days’ daily quotas. This was on a writing prompt in my writers group – a story prompt that resulted in a 955 word flash fiction called “Just Stuffed.”

“Too Much of a Good Thing” – the ninth Detective Jimmy Delaney story – completed its release weekend, which finishes all the planned indie-publishing for this year.

As to my remaining goals for the year, with seven weeks left, I’ve also completed my reading quota. I’m not anywhere close to revamping the SEO on my published works. I’m also supposed to complete the first revision of Swordsmaster: Deception, but – well, that will be the topic of today’s post.


Simily.co is a new platform I started trying at the end of August. The principle is similar to Kindle Select / Kindle Unlimited, where members (current fee is either free or a reduced amount as they start up) and authors get a small payment for each reader who looks at their story. Small, but steady income…

  1. This is only short fiction
  2. The author’s story doesn’t have to be exclusive (with Amazon’s scheme, you have to be exclusive)
  3. The author retains all rights to their works, and can withdraw them at any time.

I have fourteen stories on the platform. You can check them out here:


Give it a try (as a reader OR a writer.) I’d be glad to hear your thoughts and impressions of both my stories and the site in the comments here – thanx!

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men and Pantsers…

When last we heard from our intrepid PANTSER…Swordsmaster4

I was due to finish my reaquaintance revision of Swordsmaster: Deception  (the 2nd Swordsmaster novel), and then plan out what will happen in the third Swordsmaster novel to make sure that Deception supports it.

This is proving to be far more difficult than I thought it would, and the effort has stalled.

Part of the reason is that I am in the middle of three weeks of OMG-people-are-coming-to-our-house-and-there –are-so-many-repairs-to-do panic, so my writing time is currently near non-existant (I’m struggling just to have time to make my blog posts.)

But the main reason that I’m not making headway on a Book 3 outline is that I can’t write by outline. I’m a pantser, and aside from coming up with an initial idea, I have to WRITE the story to find out what’s going to happen. And since I just can’t sit down right now, there’s no writing, and so, no story.

Hopefully, the story will make itself clear by the time Turkey Day is done. We shall see…

Current Book Promotions

In a Flash Detective Jimmy Delaney eBook CoverPurrMission-MainTall_025For information on my current promotions (including the FREE Presale and reduced price preorders for Cats of War III, my participating books in the 14th Annual Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale, as well as FREE starter eBooks for my Herc Tom, Champion of the Empire series and my Detective Jimmy Delaney series), look HERE on my CURRENT BOOK PROMOTIONS page.

Reaching Out

William Mangieri’s writing has been published on Daily Science Fiction and The Arcanist. His ninety or so short stories and related collections can be found at several online retailers, including, but not limited to:

Want to help me make a go of this writing gig WITHOUT IT COSTING YOU A PENNY? I’m in the Amazon Affiliates program, so any time you click one of the links I provide here to my books on Amazon, and then make a purchase of something like, say, a TV, I get a small percentage of Amazon’s profit. So PLEASE consider using one of my links to get to Amazon before you make that next purchase. Thanx!


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