Meandering Monday about Holiday Giving and Receiving

We’re in the Holiday Shopping Season that begins with the Thanksgiving starting gun (that’s right, all you turkeys – that shot was not for you…), and extends usually through a couple of weeks into January while the late shoppers are trying to take advantage of clearance sales and shifting their celebrations into Epiphany.

Patience is thrown to the wayside out there right now, and the anonymity of Covid masks are NOT influencing people to be kinder to each other as they race and wrestle for limited merchandise.

Isn’t the purpose of all this clatter and flurry supposed to be US being generous and considerate ofSleepWithTheSnowmenCover OTHERS? Maybe we should be a little gentler with the OTHERS we encounter out there…

Is it better to give than to receive? Doesn’t it depend on how you go about the giving and receiving?

If someone badly needs to give – perhaps as a way to absolve themselves of some guilt – aren’t you performing an act of generosity when you receive from them?

What if you overextend yourself in gifting others – to the point that you are unable to take care of your own obligations and your family goes hungry? Who is really paying for that giving?

What if you over-gift someone in a way that’s humiliating and embarrassing to them, that makes them feel that they can never properly reciprocate? (You may think reciprocation is NOT necessary, but most people with any sense of pride or self-respect will feel that they’ve come up short if you over-gift them. If you’re going to do something like that, consider being totally anonymous – FOREVER.)

“But,” you say, “I want them to know it was me.”

That’s another thing – it’s not all about YOU. When you gift someone, it’s not supposed to be about making yourself LOOK good, but to make other FEEL good.

Don’t go crazy with the gift-giving. Stay within your means. Don’t make it a contest (you’d lose to the man in the red suit, anyway. Just saying… )

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