Meandering Monday about The Deliberateness of the Life We’re Written Into

I believe we were put in this life by a CREATOR. I don’t think He is constantly, actively involved in our world, or our individual lives (I’m not going to waste my time making sure I use equal references of HE/SHE/IT. There was a time when we could simply say HE whenever the gender of a person was unknown, or if we were talking about individuals in a mixed gender group. We have lost that simplicity in favor of coddling those who claim offense just to silence discussion. I’m returning to that simpler, clearer time. Sue me.)

I view the Creator as a writer who designed a world, but then released some characters into it and sat back to see what kinds of stories they would write (yes, I see Him as a PANTSER, but that’s what I am, and I think we all tend to see our Creator as someone like ourselves. Think about how YOU envision your own and tell me what you think.)

I think the CREATOR set up the rules for how everything works in the universe, built some basic programming into us, then generally let us be to see what we make of ourselves (that darned free-will thing) with only an occasional nudge or course correction.

Some of the things we take for granted in this life are truly mind-boggling (He gave us minds to try to reason things out, but I suspect there are things we will NEVER fully understand.)

“The more I study science, the more I believe in God.” ~Albert Einstein

One of the biggest mysteries to me is how human beings (and most other living things) came about. I happen to believe in evolution, but not as the sole way that things happen – I’m more of an INTELLIGENT DESIGN believer (or at least my own variation of Intelligent Design.)

Consider our bodies, which are made of trillions of cells which have somehow banded into one huge colony and specialized to exist together. I find it unlikely that single cell organisms started clustering together and organized themselves, and that this happened by accident. There had to have been some intelligence behind it – more than the meager thoughts in those amoebas (what exactly do amoeba’s think about? Nietzsche?)

Something caused those cells to come together. And something holds them together most of our lives, until we lose control of the colony, the glue that holds it all together breaks down, and we (whatever WE may be) moves on.

A little hard not to see some intelligence in all that. Just saying…

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