Writing Wednesday: One Year Ends and Another Begins

(Funny how that works, isn’t it?)

Last week was the final one of 2021, and so it’s time to wrap up my goal reporting for last year and publish my plans for the new year.

Last Week’s Goals

Blog entries were posted on schedule. All my available works remained out to market.

I wrote on seven days, and made my daily quota on six of them. I finally made my weekly quota with 4,569 words of fiction, all on the draft of Swordsmaster #3 (now at 13,381 words.)

Last Year’s Goal Recap

Last year was a mixed bag.

2021 Goals (the things I can directly control):

1) Write 3,500 words of fiction each week

I came close on this one – I made the goal 30 out of 52 weeks, and averaged 3,259 words per week for the year (my highest output since I began writing.)

2) Ten new stories written and out the door by end of year. I managed to complete twelve stories (“Two Buttons To Eternity”, “Copy Cat”, “Hacked Off”, “The View from My Cage Is Breathtaking”, “Possession”, “And Then Her Tail Fell Off”, “Once More with Feeling”, “Too Much of a Good Thing”, “Getting Personal”, “Travel Advisory”, “And a Little Garlic”, and “Rides from Strangers”), so this was a success.

3) 7-day turn-around (or ASAP) on getting rejections back into rotation – went pretty smoothly, except for having trouble finding open markets at times.  

4) Indie publish SOMETHING every 10 weeks – I kept that on schedule as I  published of “The Rendering”, “Copy Cat”, “Hacked Off”, “Possession”, and “Too Much of a Good Thing.”

5) Blog each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. – DONE!

6) Read 6 speculative fiction novels (four by authors I haven’t read.) – also done.

7) Complete first draft and first revision of novel? (That would be Swordsmaster #2) – I finished the draft of #2, but changed my plans about the first revision because I needed to have a better idea of what was going to happen in Swordsmaster #3 first, which is why I finished the year working on it. I’ll put this down to changing priorities (or an inability to predict what a novel will require me to do.)

8) Tweak the SEO on all my titles. – This was a FAIL. It was supposed to be done by the end of June, but I barely completed 16 of my over 100 publications by year’s end. Just as Franklin failed to improve on his humility (despite putting it on his list), I guess this just wasn’t something I cared enough about. A poor excuse, I know, but there it is…


Writing Milestones (the things I hope for but only indirectly influence):

I made none of my milestones in 2021.

1) An individual story earns 5-cents/word through indie channels

2) Having just started trying to build a mailing list this summer, I have a long ways to go. I’ll set two milestones to celebrate: One hundred subscribers, and

3) One thousand subscribers

Of Note:

As an added bonus, two of the stories I wrote this year earned honorable mention in the Writers of the Future contest. Not a milestone, but still worth mentioning.

My Plans for 2022

Writing Goals

1) Write 3,500 words of fiction each week – a reachable goal as seen from last year’s results, but harder to make when I’m working on novels instead of short fiction, which is how a lot of 2022 will go.

2) Eight new stories written and out the door by end of year – fewer than last year, again because I plan to spend more time on novels and other things.

3) 7-day turn-around (or ASAP) on getting rejections back into rotation – nothing new there

4) Indie publish SOMETHING every 8 weeks, with a 3-week preorder and promotion campaign for any eBook priced over 99-cents – I have enough stories available that this should be simple enough to do.

5) Blog each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – Meandering Mondays, Writing Wednesdays, and Fractured Fragment Fridays will continue.

6) Read 6 speculative fiction novels – because I need to see what other writers have done and continue to learn.

7) Complete first draft of Swordsmaster #3.

8) New Swordsmaster cover and release – since Swordsmaster is becoming a series rather than aSwordsmaster4 standalone novel, the covers should tie into each other. My original Swordsmaster Cover will not lend itself easily to that.

9) Swordsmaster #2 release.

10) Record and publish Audiobooks of at least half a dozen stories – a scary commitment for me, because I’ve never done an audiobook before. But this is supposedly yet another way to increase visibility (AND sales), so I’m going to give it a shot.

Writing Milestones:

  1. An individual story earns 5-cents/word through indie channels – This would be as though I had sold that story to a traditional publisher (at what was professional rate) – a justification (in my mind, at least) for bothering with indie-publishing myself. “Quiet!” continues to lead, having made 12.4% ofQuietCover its value after nine years of sales. It is now projected to hit this milestone in 72 years – yes, still well after my death. Such a legacy…
  2. Having just started trying to build a mailing list in the summer of 2019, I have a long ways to go. I have two milestones to watch for: One hundred subscribers, and
  3. One thousand subscribers
  4. Sell a 2nd story to a traditional publisher
  5. Sell a 3rd story to a traditional publisher
  6. Reach $300 total royalties for my writing (pretty sad for as long as I’ve been doing this that I haven’t reached this one yet.)

As always, I start the year with optimism, but I know things can happen that might change my priorities, so I’ll analyze and adjust as needed.

So how’s about you? Take the plunge and post your plans in the comments; making them public helps boost your accountability (especially if people watching you fail to follow through will cause you embarrassment – sometimes, there’s no better motivation than “Humiliations, galore!”

Just saying…

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