Meandering Monday about A Narrative-Driven Lack of Reality

Narratives are so frustratingly unhelpful.

Covid has been a terrible ordeal, released on the world by scientific incompetence (or worse), and has resulted in millions of unnecessary and unfortunate deaths. But I believe we are coming out of that long dark tunnel into a brighter tomorrow where a combination of natural & herd immunity, vaccines and therapeutics will reduce its effects to just another component of the flu season.

We should resume our lives and return to what was once normal, while protecting those who are most vulnerable (or allowing  them to decide how to protect themselves.)

The Omicron variant appears to be revealing itself as a bit more annoying than a cold, less severe in its impact than the other variants, but more contagious. But we are flooded with news reports of how many new cases there are daily. Not that I would recommend catching it deliberately, but it might even be a relatively safe way to acquire immunity, but not something to be terrified of.

There is still an effort to scare people about Covid – especially about the risk to their children – the group that is least impacted by the virus and its variants..

In support of this narrative, I saw a news report this weekend talking about the record number of children under 5 who are being hospitalized. With the barrage of reporting, you would think the numbers are overpowering.

They have risen to a mere 4 in 100,000.

Perhaps we need to get some perspective. But ginned up panic is hard to fight when all that’s allowed to be spoken is the narrative.

Last week we were treated to the narrative-driven anniversary of January 6th. For a year now I’ve heard news reports refer to the events at the Capital as deadly (one person was killed – by law enforcement), an insurrection (a serious crime that no one has been charged with), a violent riot (when the bulk of 2020 was filled with burning cities and assaults on police officers that the MSM and Democrats could not characterize as violent, let alone condemn.)

Despite the fact that tens of thousands protested peacefully in DC on January 6, 2021 (was it over a hundred thousand? hard to know with the narrative), the narrative tries to tar all of them (and 75 million Trump voters) with the actions of the fewer than 1,000 who entered the capital (again, who can tell what the real number was?) A Capitol Police officer who died of a stroke the following day (with no evidence of having been injured) was laid in State as a narrative prop to exaggerate the severity of the event (I would not want anyone I know or love used in such a way, but that doesn’t stop people who are intent on their narrative.)  

If only we could discuss ALL THE FACTS rationally instead of only what complies with the politically-driven narrative, then we might be able to come up with some reasonable, REAL WORLD answers. Alas, the little boy with the courage and clarity to tell the Emperor he’s naked has had his mouth duck-taped.

Despite the effort to pretend otherwise, the Emperor will eventually notice a chill.

Winter is coming. Just saying…

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