Meandering Monday about Flower Child Tyrants with Duck Tape

Neil Young and Joni Mitchell are upset that Joe Rogan is allowed to speak his mind, allows others to also speak their minds, and that viewpoints that these two performers don’t agree with can be heard by others. They think they have the power of their popularity and are removing their music from Spotify to press the platform to DEplatform Rogan. I don’t know how popular these dinosaurs or their music happens to be, but they’re throwing their weight around to no avail, other than to gain some press as they side with the narrative of the powers that be.

(As ineffective as their action is, I wonder if the real purpose is to increase their political correctness cred and gain some publicity – and maybe some manufactured relevance in the process.)

So – we now have the former hippie generation – the people who grew up preaching “speak truth to power” trying to muzzle anyone who tries to speak their own truth – or even anyone else who allows them to.

They are adding their insubstantial weight to the White House, the bureaucracy, various tinpot, bigtech dictators, and whoever else thinks that their own viewpoint is the only one that should be allowed to air.

I am not a Joe Rogan listener (I’ve seen snippets of his show), but it seems there are LOTS of people who do listen, and it apparently bothers some people that others are allowed to do so. Why? Are they afraid that their ideas won’t stand up to an open debate?

There are lots of people I’d rather not listen to, and I can always change the station, or go to a different website if I don’t want to listen. It takes a special arrogance to think that you should be able to decide what everyone else can listen to. They prefer vanilla ice cream, so that should be good enough for everyone else – take those other flavors off the shelf…   

Apparently, power doesn’t have to be absolute to corrupt; any inkling of it will do.

The country I grew up in was built on free and open debate, not on the pushing of a single narrative by the censorship of opposing viewpoints and the destruction of those presenting them. I don’t know if the country I leave to my son will be the same.

Just saying…

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