Writing Wednesday: Creating a Sense of Accomplishment

Last Week’s Goals

My blog posts made it out on schedule. Another two pieces came back from market; one cycled back out to the next publication, but the other is waiting for a suitable market to open.

I only wrote on five days and made my daily quota on just one of them. I missed my weekly quota again with only 2,309 words of fiction. I stopped working on the start of Swordsmaster #3’s VERY rough draft (now at 31,289 words) and returned to Swordsmaster #2 (currently 102,180.)

How Can You Tell That You’re Being Productive?

I talk a lot about setting goals and objectives to help make sure I’m moving forward with my writing (I try to encourage all of you to do the same, and I hope some of you are.)

One of the characteristics a goal should have is that it’s measurable. I have a weekly goal of 3500 words of fiction – that’s pretty easy to measure. It’s pretty attainable when I’m writing a rough draft, a little harder to manage when I’m revising.

When I’m working on short fiction, most of my time is spent in draft mode (very little revising), and I can see my productivity in that measurement. On a novel, I feel like I’m flying along when I’m writing the first draft, but then revision takes up a larger percentage of the time, and I often can’t tell whether I’m really getting anything done. The words-per-week measurement just doesn’t cut it.

That’s where I am now that I’ve returned to revising Swordsmaster #2 – I know from how things went with Swordsmaster4Swordsmaster (#1) that I am in for months of revision before I’ll feel the novel is done, and during that time I’ll be staring at subpar word totals that will make me feel like I’m not accomplishing anything.

I need to measure things differently to change that feeling.

Perhaps I should evaluate how many pages I can revise per week and set that as my goal instead of a word count. There are other tasks a writer has to do, like research – maybe set goals around covering a certain number of topics each day, or a certain number of sourcebooks a week. Anything that will help me see that I really AM achieving something when my word-count makes it look like I’m not.

Just saying…

How do you keep yourself from the feeling that you’re just pretending you’re getting something done?

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