Writing Wednesday: Continue to Refresh Your Learning

Last Week’s Goals

My blog posts made it out on schedule. A member of my writing group posted a link to a group of markets I haven’t seen before, so the three stories that were in submission limbo last week (“Installment Plan”, “Calling Down Lightning”, and “Rides from Strangers”) are back out to market. That means ALL my eligible stories are out there circulating.CatsOfWar_IIa_Cover

My next scheduled release day is March 18th. I now have less than 3 weeks to publish, so I probably don’t have time to do a proper release on a Herc Tom, Champion of the Empire collection. I do have a non-flash story that has come available for indie, so I my next release will be “Getting Personal.”

I wrote on six days last week (a revision round on Swordsmaster #2 which is STILL in progress.) I made my daily quota on two days, and just missed my weekly quota with 3,449 words of fiction (by only 51 words, but falling short is still short.) Swordsmaster #2 has crossed over 103,000 words.

Can This Old Dog Still Learn Something?

This week, ProWritingAid is holding their (annual?) Fantasy Writers’ Week event. I participated last year, and I’m spending some more of my precious writing time this week attending (or watching recordings) of the various sessions.

Do I expect to learn something new – something that I haven’t heard before?

No – I’ve been reading and listening to writing lessons and advice for twenty years, and it is generally true that there is NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN. You can, however, hear people with different perspectives who have found new ways of presenting those old things.

Otherwise, if there truly is NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN, why should any of us bother writing? (BECAUSE we each have an opportunity to refresh those old things with our own unique voice/style/perspective.) (Or just because it’s what we live for.)

So, why am I spending the aforementioned precious time on this? For those new perspectives, and to refresh good advice that I’ve heard over and over again, but has been buried in the back rooms of my considerably cavernous memory. When things get buried that far back, it can be impossible to instruct my mind’s file clerks to retrieve information when I don’t even remember I have it in the first place.

And maybe this time around, it will stay front of mind.

For a little while, at least.

Just saying…

Current Book Promotions

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Reaching Out

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