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Meandering Monday about the Crumbling of a Narrative

So, the agenda-setting New York Times is finally admitting that the Hunter Biden laptop story wasn’t Russian misinformation at all (the MSM networks seem to be ignoring the story for now, sort of like whistling past a possible cemetery. But if the Times is saying it, they will have to come around to acknowledging the headstones. Eventually.) It really was Hunter’s laptop, loaded with incriminating information that shows Joe Biden’s corruption, and how beholden the current occupier of the White House is to Russia, China, and who knows how many other anti-American interests (he sure is trying hard to give Iran what they want, too.)

It’s a shame the American public wasn’t told this back before the 2020 election. Instead, most Americans either heard nothing at all about the laptop, or believed that it was another crazy conspiracy theory. Believed the fifty or so former intelligence officials who claimed (without evidence, like INTELLIGENCE) that the whole thing was Russian disinformation. Funny (in a disturbingly uncomical way) how the same news outfits that pushed the fake Trump-Russia CONSPIRACY THEORY for three years before it was disproven by Mueller’s failure to find any evidence (heck, some of them are STILL peddling it) labeled a factual report about the Bidens a CONSPIRACY THEORY not worthy of print.  

Did you know that surveys were conducted after the election that indicate 16% of Biden supporters wouldn’t have voted for him if they had known about Hunter’s laptop and what’s on it?  That’s actual voters – not unrequested, unvalidated absentee ballots loaded into counting machines multiple times. Even if you believe that sleepy Joe powered his way to eighty million legitimate votes, that would cut his popular vote total to under sixty-eight million, well below President Trump’s seventy five million.

And yes – unlike most Democrats, I know that our Presidential election is not merely a popular vote contest – the winner is the one who accumulates the most electoral votes. Well, Biden’s “wins” were so small in several states, that 16% vote reduction would have swung many into President Trump’s tally.

And that’s without dealing with the chicanery involving ballot harvesting, the mysterious, seemingly coordinated shut-down of counts at 10:30pm in Democrat controlled population centers in battleground states, and the various legal and constitutional violations that have been slowly surfacing despite the MSM news blackout.

I wonder how much Russia and China were involved in stealing the 2020 election? Joe Biden and family were being paid by both (much of this was known even before Hunter’s laptop was uncovered), but we all know which candidate each of those countries favored. And now they have a man occupying the White House who seems intent on giving them what they paid for.

No buyer’s remorse for them – no sir.

As for me – I didn’t buy this one. I’m not sure how many of us really did.

I wonder why the MSM is finally exposing the truth about the Bidens now, a year and a half after the laptop story surfaced and The New York Post was banned from the internet. Have the powers that are operating the Presidential sock puppet realized that they are doing such a bad job that they need to replace him with the inevitable disaster of Kamala?

I’m wondering if Biden will “voluntarily” step down by the sudden realization that he really isn’t up to the task. Or if his cabinet will 25th amendment him, surprised that they didn’t notice his dementia before. Or if it will take the Republicans gaining both control of Congress AND some backbone to impeach him for any number of charges from before and during his presidency.

That blindfold on Justice’s eyes was never intended to keep her from seeing criminal activity and doing her job. There are SO many people who should be serving time right now, but are either remain in positions of power, or are just wandering about free. I hope I’m wrong, but I suspect that – as missing as JUSTICE has been for some years now – it will be in hiding yet again.

Just saying…

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