Meandering Monday about Yelling at the Radio

Is this just an old man thing?

I find myself shouting at the radio a lot lately. Fortunately, it USUALLY only happens when I’m alone in the car.

I first remember this happening about twelve years ago, so I was 53 – not particularly old, so maybe it’s not an old man thing, just an older man thing. I find it harder and harder to suffer fools and liars. The inability to find unbiased reporting, let alone GOOD news is frustrating. Everything seems to be slanted toward supporting a gaslit narrative.

I get in a froth about how bad things are, and how the powers that be continue to get away with lying about it. The yelling may just be a gauge of my level of frustration at not being able to impact obvious usurpations and corruptions (the downside of wanting “to right unrightable wrongs.”)

I’d try restricting myself to audiobooks (definitely not anything like 1984), but I tend to get too emotionally involved with the characters, and the boundary between fantasy and reality blurs. Not the best time to be driving.

The only cure I’ve found for this affliction is to stop listening to anything except music . Of course, even that can be a little iffy. I tend to sing along when I listen to music, and a song WILL worm it’s way into my brain and keep me singing when the music stops. It never matters where I am – my family tries to pretend they don’t know me. Of course, that isn’t just about the singing. If you’d read some of my stories…

Well, at least I’m not yelling at people to get off my lawn yet.

But they should.

Just Saying…

P.S. – You know, in my day, people KNEW to stay off each other’s lawns. What is this world coming to…

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