Meandering Monday about Those Senior Moments

I know a few people of a certain age (well, a more general age) who are commenting with some concern about how their mind or memory isn’t what it used to be. They can’t find their keys, or they struggle to remember a word or a name, or why they are in the room they just walked into.

I can sympathize with the annoyance, although their alarm seems a little overboard to me. You see, I was experiencing these moments before I was a senior. And I don’t mean as recently as my current age, but before I was a senior in high school.

For as long as I can remember (since we’re discussing diminished memory, you can take that with a grain of salt), I have walked into rooms and not remembered why I entered in the first place. I’ve been at a loss for a word – a name – a fact – (I joke that I send one of my inefficient file clerks – like in those old school biology filmstrips – off into my memory) and have awakened days or months later with the answer, and wondered what the question had been (which meant I would eventually wake up with the question vivid in my mind, and thus the vicious circle continued.)

So I don’t have the same trepidation as these acquaintances do about the lost memory, having lived with it all this time. But I am not without my own concerns. You see, I survived with my “disability” all this time because my mind was so quick. I might not remember a procedure or a formula, but I could reinvent it on the fly and then apply it, fast enough to make up for not remembering it. That is what I have lost with advancing age – the speed and agility of my mind. My thinking no longer covers for my slow memory, so my memory lapses – though no more severe – are more evident.

We aren’t all advancing in the same way, but we will advance to the same place eventually. Just Saying…

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