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Meandering Monday about My Obsession with Control

Once per month, the writing group I’ve been participating in for the past year has a guest speaker. This month’s topic was Author Platforms – what you need to set up to have a successful writing business – thigs such as:

  • The books you write
  • An email list
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Your BRAND & Reputation

There was little here that I haven’t seen or heard many times before, but as is often the case, it’s good for me to take refreshers on classes I’ve already participated in. Chances are, I didn’t have the bandwidth to either absorb or apply what I learned the first (or 2nd, 3rd or Nth) time.

In this session, there was a lot of focus and introspection on a portion of branding that I had never considered before (which is a strange thing for me, because I am prone to constantly analyzing myself (or anyone or anything I can get my hands on.)

We were asked to think about what we write.

Well, I write Speculative Fiction (Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Light Horror; My Detective Jimmy Delaney series IS detective fiction, but Jimmy started as a scifi piece and has stayed in one variety or another of speculative fiction throughout.

For branding purposes, saying I’m a Speculative Fiction writer isn’t enough. There are tons of people writing in those genres, and there is something that distinguishes each of them. For example, you might write science fiction about aliens, but those aliens might be our great benefactors, or we might be theirs. Or they might just eat our faces off. Each alien reader is going to be drawn to a different kind of alien author (I wonder if alien authors are considered underrepresented? But I digress…)

I now have enough pieces under my belt that I can go back through what I’ve written and look for a common theme.

I think I’ve found mine. At least half of my short fiction – and my Swordsmaster novel(s) – involve either mind control, possession, or a loss of control. Even my time travel stories are about a character trying to regain control.

But what does that mean? And what does it say about me, that I am writing so much about people whose self-control – whose freedom or identity – has either been taken from them, or is in jeopardy? Their struggle to resist this takes up a large amount of what I write. Sometimes they succeed, and sometimes they’re hopelessly outmatched and lose, but that control is more often than not what’s at stake.

In “real” life, I pride myself on being pretty controlled. No emotional highs or lows. I keep my own council and try to avoid just climbing on bandwagons and going with the crowd. I might be said to be preoccupied with staying in control of ME. Even with that, I don’t know if I’m succeeding, or if I’m living in the matrix.

How about you?

Just saying…

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