Writing Wednesday: Write While the Idea Is Hot

Last Week’s Goals

All three of my blog posts went up on time last week. Two stories returned from market and were sent back out.

Neither of my candidates for indie publication have returned yet. I will indie-publish when one does.

I wrote on five days, and made my daily quota on two of them. I missed my weekly quota (3,500) with 2,289 words of fiction on Swordsmaster #2 revisions (now at 111,790 words.)

What to Write About?

Ideas are everywhere – images you see can trigger a story. A technology article. Watching people – or ants in the park.

The writing group I’m in does weekly writing prompts. The most helpful thing about this is that it forces me to find SOMETHING in the prompt picture or phrase to write about – I can’t just give up and look for something else to write about – it forces me to BE CREATIVE.

In my younger days (as a writer) (I don’t know why I’m qualifying that – I was younger whether I was writing or not), I used to worry that I would run out of ideas, so I kept a file of any ideas I had. I rarely found a reason to go into that file for something to write about, but when I did, I discovered that – no matter how detailed my notes were – those old ideas generated very little enthusiasm on my part. Most of the time, I wasn’t even sure what those notes actually meant, and if I DID glean some meaning from those notes, chances are it didn’t resemble the idea that generated the notes in the first place.

Those old ideas just died from neglect. You must write while the idea is hot.

Just saying…

Current Book Promotions

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Reaching Out

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